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Sharmila R said...

The knowledge is very beautiful and welcome.
My most favourite is Guru Story.
The pictures are very nice.

Shriram said...

Guru Story are really Estactic....and they are the one's that helps me in having a much stronger Faith in Master....All other stuff is amazing...and being in knowledge everyday is so nice....not to forget HIS pic is gorgeous....
Jai Gurudev

Geeta Parmar said...

Dear All,

We were booked to go to Bangalore Ashram and Mumbai few days after the bombing happened at Taj in 2008. We felt a strong blanket of protection encompassing us and even though everybody else asked us to defer our trip to India, Hitesh and I went with our 2 little children to meet our Guruji for the very first time. An absolute bliss it was to meet him; nothing could have deterred us to miss that beautiful opportunity to have him stand right in front of us making eye contact with us. It was just an amazing experience! We were very lucky to hear Rajita (Art of Living teacher below) sharing the first hand account of her and her husband Ajay's experience at Taj to thousands of people gathered at the Ashram that day, only a few days after the bombing. Later, when we went to Mumbai, we went on Ghoda Gaadi (horse cart) on Marine Drive in Mumbai to look at Taj and Obrei Hotel only a fortnight after the bombing happening! The beaches at Marine Drive was full of people and people were taking their daily morning and afternoon walks, exactly the way I saw and experienced when I first went walking on Marine Drive a decade ago when my feet touched that beautiful soil for the very first time. I had creeped out of my masi's house for a long walk on Marine Drive when everyone was sleeping to breath that air which I had been craving for my entire life! It was amazing to see the resilience that people of India have. We learnt so much from them, the ordinary people from India who had to leave the trauma that happened in front of their eyes and move on in their lives! Bless the country and the teachings that the Mother Earth gives them! There is so many centuries of wealth of knowledge and thank you to Guruji for sharing that knowledge to us.

Loads of love
Jai Guru Dev


I joined Art of Living very late in the year 2009 after I came to Visakhapatnam. It all started with me & my visiting the house of our friend Sanjay Garg, an ardent follower of Guruji and now a teacher. A photo of Guruji was there at the Wall facing the main gate and we were as if we were hypnotized by his charm (I will call it a charm only). Second thing we felt so much of peace in his house that we can not describe it. Then we started attending Satsangs of Art of Living and I did the Basic Course. The real story starts when we decided to celebrate the Guruji's Birthday in 2010 in our Township. We decided to carry out the program on our own. The city unit also decided to join our program. We decided to start in the morning with Sudarshan Kriya, followed by a Blood Donation Camp and Children's Painting Competition. In the Evening we had organized a gala Satsang starting with Guru Puja, prize distribution to children and satsang followed by Prasad distribution. We all were doing every bit and suddenly two days before the d-day I had fallen sick with loose motions. My condition worsened with the evening and I was having terrible stomach pain also. My wife called our friend sanjay Garg and I w was taken to hospital, where I was put on drips. The hospital authorities were insisting me to admit but I said nothing doing I came back and next day I was again on the work. I don't know where my weakness had gone as I was at the venue till 12 night and again there at 5 for sudarhshan kriya. Whole day we were there till night and by guruji's grace the function was a appreciated by all. Almost similar thing happened before Guruji's visit to Visakhapatnam. This time on the eve of his visit. But again I got some unforeseen strength and I was at the venue to take up my duty as volunteer to receive the guests at and public at venue. There is so much more to write but I will share those some time later.

Geetanjali Lala said...

Weaving Magic”

Dear AOL family members,

Guruji has done a lot for me, off and on, sometimes I realise it, sometimes I guess I don't ! I would like to share one of my experiences with you today ............

It was a Sunday in the month of March, I had gone for my long kriya, where they announced that an advanced course with Rishi Nitya Pragya ji was going to happen in Delhi soon. I had long wanted to do an Advanced course(my first one) and had prayed to Guruji many times to make it happen ! The dates were announced for the course and I just silently reflected if I could manage it - it seemed to be clashing with an important official meeting. I was disheartened, went home , asked my husband if I could skip the appointment, and he replied in the negative ....... nothing doing, work comes first ........... was his stand!

Deep in my hearts, I still nurtured the desire to do the course and kept praying to Guruji silently, then one day, a few days before the registration was going to close, I got an email from my client shifting the meeting date herself which would give me the precious 3.5 days to experience the course ....... and I jumped with glee ...... i knew for sure that this was not a coincidence but a silent working of Guruji who had made it happen ......

And, this time my husband could not refuse .... I went on to register and participate in the course and fulfill my heart's desire ...... Thank you Guruji for listening to our woes so patiently and working on them like magic .......... Thank you for being in our lives ..............Jai Gurudev !

Geeta Parmar said...

This experience in April this 2009

We had gone to Brisbane for our community's annual Mohatsav..had a ball and was just beautiful meeting relatives..we were coming home very happy having met all familiar faces and familiar people...watching familiar faces putting up brilliant performance!

On the way in Tiara we met a woman who was crying profusely Talking to her
revealed that she had walked 20 km from her farm and left her home ..was sick of everything in life and did not know what she was going to do. She had no shoes, no ID, no money..we offered her money to survive but she refused to take it.......

My 5 year old daughter had wanted to go to beach and was crying just 5 minutes before we
stopped for a little break in Tiara so I asked her to close her eyes, take deep breaths and "took her to beach".

Made her feel the sand and smell the salty air, hear the
waves crashing against the rocks and experience the children
playing sand. When she opened her eyes, I saw from mirrors
reflection her eyes open up with brighteness and a big
smile. My daughter said, "mummy I feel so good and feel as if I
have really been to beach and feel so good"...that was the
end of it I more crying....

So, when I met this woman, gave her a little counselling
and asked her to close her eyes and did exactly what I did
for my daughter....guess what she opened her eyes with a big
smile and she said ..she felt a turn around of how she
felt....She even agreed to our offer take her inlands to
her farm...Cannot believe she had walked barefoot all the
way to the main road where we met her..

We reached home with a beautiful feeling in our heart and
had slept beautifully. Thank you Guruji for guiding us to
meet this woman and making a difference in her life!

It felt like Guruji made me do "practice run" of creating
a guided meditation which was needed for this woman
within a few minutes of creating it!!!

Jai Guru Dev!

Leslye Moore said...

Divine Travel Agent
There is a secret to getting to Guru Poornima with Guruji. It’s so secret that only a few of us know the “key” but I will share it with you here. The secret is saying, “YES!” I have had the experience many times over of saying “YES!” to attending a course, with no knowledge of how I will get time from work or how I will pay the airfare, course fees, etc, everything falls magically into place. You see, the Divine is so loving and compassionate that whatever you ask for and commit to, this is what you receive. So many times I have said from the heart, “Guruji, I am coming to this course, I don’t know how, but I will be there", and the time and the means appear. Here are some of my experiences:

A few years ago, I was in a difficult financial situation. Guruji was coming to Miami, FL to teach a Part 2 course. The fee was $475 and I had no idea where the funds would come from. I said “YES!” and in short order, I received a check for $400 from my step mother—to this day I do not know why she sent it. Inspired, I went and bought a $1 lottery ticket and won exactly $75 making up the $475 I needed.

A few years later I said “YES!” to attending TTC1 at the Canadian Ashram. Again, I had no idea where the funds would come from and financially was dealing with some challenges. I had a frequent flyer ticket I hoped to be able to use to get to Canada but found I did not have enough miles to fly from US to Canada. So, I e-mailed Guruji and said, my full intention is to go to TTC1 come what may, I will put it all on a credit card if needed, but please help if you can! The very next day, I went to the same website to try with my frequent flyer miles again and there it was, one seat available for the amount of frequent flyer miles I had. Then the most amazing thing began to happen, I began to receive checks from strange places. I received a check for dividend on my home owner’s insurance (I had never even heard of such a thing!) and a check for overpayment of property taxes. A friend handed me a check saying she owed me money—I had no recall her owing me money, I received an extra pay check that month and a few other small checks that had I added them up, they would have amounted exactly to the $3000 TTC1 course fee!

Most recently in May, I attended the most beautiful course in Arosa, Switzerland with our Beloved Guruji. The moment I learned of the course, I said “YES!” a thousand times yes! I had been looking for months to refinance my home and kept running into obstacles. I e-mailed Guruji and said, I am going to Switzerland, I don’t know how yet, but I will be there with you. Shortly after, I received a word from my lender that the rates had dropped and that I was eligible for a special loan program. I was able to refinance my home and in the process did not have to pay my home mortgage in May and got an extra paycheck in May—my course and travels were paid for! I then had the thought in my head while in Switzerland, wow, I so want to go and do the Guru Puja course in Chicago in July but I have just done this trip to Switzerland, how will I handle with finances and time off of work so soon after Arosa? Again, I said, "YES!" When I came home from Switzerland, I found a check waiting in the mail from my old mortgage lender, a refund, in just the amount I needed for course fees and travel to do the Puja course and my boss said yes to the time off. Now you know this precious secret. Just say "YES!" fully, from your heart, with all the innocence of a child that the Divine will take care. Time Money and everything else will managed if you say 'YES' . Its all the play of MASTER HANDS. These are just a few ways that I have been so blessed, loved and taken care of by our Guru over the years. Make your AIM – Attention, Intention, and Manifestation! HE is anyway giving with both hands.

Paul said...

This story is soooo inspirational and a very timely reminder. I had completely forgotten this chant in time of need. Thanks for publishing

Veena Narayanan. said...

Wonderful............Its so beautiful to strengthen our faith further by reading so many experiences of devotees .
Its definitely my energy booster to read Guru stories and Wisdom from Sri Sri every morning which kicks off my day with a lot of positivity.JGD. Bless all of you.
Love and JGD,

Minakshi Dixit said...

18th April 11 was my Husbands b’day. We were planned Tryambakam Homa and Satsang at our home. In the evening while coming back to home, I lost my Wallet having Rs 2000/- and 3 bank cards. First think came in my mind that, Guruji is with me and my wallet cannot be lost. I must have kept somewhere or as if it is lost, he will take care of it. When I came to home I got to know, it is actually lost!!! While Homa and Satsang was going on, my mind was continuously thinking on "how can my wallet lost". But later thought came in mind, now I should accept the situation and participate in this beautiful activity.

As soon as Satsang finished I got a call from Prashantji (our active volunteer) and what he said was astonished me!!! He said “Minakshi one of the guy has found your lost wallet and I am with that person”. I told that person to hand it over to Prashantji but he was insisted me to come and collect.

When I went there, I got to know much more astonishing things .

That fellow told me his son found my wallet (His son was so happy to see me and said Madam, "You took our Balachetana shibir in School !!")

My wallet didn’t had any identity proof or business card to get my phone number. To my surprise he told me: we found one piece of paper which has list of people along with mobile no and we called them. When I saw that paper it was the list of people who did part 1 course in last batch. After calling them he got to know Prashantji’s no. Prashantji himself went there and may be after seeing my name on bank cards he got to know this is my wallet.

If you see all the above scenarios right from I lost my wallet, it was always with one of the Art of Living person and trace up to me was also possible only because of list of Art of Living people.
How carefully HE take cares of all of us.

I was seating at home just thinking about my wallet, having faith He will take care of it. But for bringing it back to me Guruji ko kitane papad belane pade :-) (How many efforts he has taken)

Balaji gurunathan said...

Jai Gurudev,

Two months back I met with a serious accident, in the sense, that head and face was injured and I was unconcious when I was admitted to the hospital. These aspects made the situation serious. In fact, later, duty doctor said that she attended similar case a month earlier and that person died. Next day, when i woke up in the ICU, though I was not completely energetic, I was in joy, as usual, thanks to "Sudarshan Kriya" and Guruji. And I was discharged in a week after testing if there was any damage to brain and head. With his grace, I was alright without any serious illness. However, doctors told me to take rest for a week and energy will build up in three months. Earlier, on the same day when I met with the accident, I got a job offer from a company and I was supposed to move to foreign country. I replied them after two weeks that, I would confirm them in the following two days since I had met with the accident and they agreed. But, though doctors said I can go, I was not sure whether I should go. And, I went to ashram to have Guruji dharshan as he was schduled to leave to foreign country. I was too late to get dharshan ticket and a teacher from Chennai told me to wait beside the line so that if volunteers allowed everybody, I would get a chance. So, I waited along with other who had the dharshan ticket and since it was the last day of dharshan for that week and, as Guruji was scheduled to leave to foreign country, they allowed everybody to have Guruji's dharshan. It was Thursday evening 5.30 PM and we were waiting near parikrama hall for Guruji's dharshan. Suddenly, we saw "Garuda" flying above where Guruji was giving dharshan to devotees. It was one more sign to the world that he is "Brahma, Vishnu, Sadhashiva".(In my native place, people will be waiting on the riverside on Thursdays evening to have the sight of "Garuda" as it was considered to be Lord Vishnu's vahana(velhice) and it was equal to seeing Lord Vishnu himself. And we can see Garuda only on thursdays). We had Guruji's dharshan and we were happy. On top of it, my father who came to visit Ashram was extremely happy to have Guruji's dharsha

Till I dearted India, I was sleeping for almost 12 hours as so much rest was needed for my body after the accident. On the contrary, from the day one of arrival to Singapore, I started my work without having enough rest. With his grace, I was able to manage my work physically and mentally. Everything fell in place at the right time. My place of stay, food were taken care of, though all my plans got collapsed, just before I boarded the flight. And I'm experiencing love, care and attention than I expected, though nothing happened as I had planned.

Four weeks has passed by and my work is more demanding than I was told it would be. Without enough rest, I got cold and mild fever last sunday. Yesterdy, as I was very tired I took half a day off and came back to my room. I was feeling dizzy and I was afraid that nobody was there to take care of me. Immediately, I got a feel of surrender and thought that Guruji took me to that country and he will take care of me. Next moment, I was feeling better, energetic and enthusiastic. It's was all his grace that keeps me alive, ie. I m living my life to its core. I had this thought, what my DSN teacher "Dr Babu ji" used to tell us during the course that "connection is always there, You only have to feel it". I write this only to let this world know that you are safe in Guruji's grace. And to all the devotees, we need to spread this knowledge to this world and make Guruji's work easier. How else can we show our devotion to him?(In fact, he doesn't anybody to spread this knowledge, with his one sight world will be in his fee), though he asks only our botherations as "Guru dakshina".

Jai Gurudev.

Anurag Khanna said...

It was Lohri morning.13 jan 2013.
As after completing mh study and finishing my exams.It was Time wrap up from panchkula and go back to my home town.From 10 jan i was worrying how i am gonna wrap these lugage.very heavy bags and not only 1,they wre 5.each of atleast 3 kgs.I was really worried how i will carry this to Chandigarh bus stand..
somehow i managed to collect those lugage.2 bags on back..2 on right hand and 1 on left hand..
This was time i collected all my strenth and start walkinh towards auto/bus stop to go to chandigrh 17.
i was having only 300 bucks in my wallet.195 of my bus fare and 105 was tough for me to have kuuli or direct special auto to chandigarh.
i just asked from an autodriver and he said its gona cost 150 go to chandigarh from panchkula stop..
i was in a bad condition phyiscally..carying 5 was geting tough to walk a step ahead..then
suddenly a haryana roadways bus came which uasually dont stop there..
it stopped and it was going to chandigarh bua stand..i was feeling happy somewhere..ok atleast my money problem is over because it has a fare of only 15 rs..woooww..i jus jumped on bus..although that jump was shaky..but somehow released my bags and wass feeling owsome by geting releave from those bags..but my hands and shoilder was paining badly..when i reached near chandigarh bus stand i prayed to guruji..
guruji please i dont wana pick those bags from outside of bus stand to my destination stop..
after my pray i saw that bus took a u turn and going inside bus stand..
i wass feeling lil great and thanking ok walking 200 mtr is good then walking 500 mtr..but when bus stop at place where all pasangers wre going down..the bus conducter said whre u going with this much luggage..i said hansi..he said stop..he ask drive and then was omg moment..
that bus exactly drop mw outside my bus..
his grace waa wrking that time..
i couldnt understan what this was..
Heart was fuull of gratitude towards master..
How he takes care of every1..still a mystery..

Anuja Shrivastava said...

Ever since Guru has come into my life, there have been numerous guru stories. Latest one happened last week when I was having a Part I program at my place. While the course was going on, I was kind of tensed as I had not received salary since past more than a month. My employer is in the U.S. and normally i sends salary through some money transfer agencies. This time, after several dilay-dallying, the agency wanted me to present either my passport or adhaar card - none of which were available to me. That day, my Part I teacher blessed me at the end of the session and next morning I found Adhaar card was electronically made. By that day, evening I received my salary in my account.

Chintan Doshi said...

Jai Gurudev. I am medical student from Gujarat. After completing my M.B.B.M, I gave my entrance exam for post graduation. But I lost admission only for few marks. Then I did Bleesing Course with Rishiji. In second councelling there was miracle. I got admission due to transfer of seat in state quota. So due to Guruji I got admission in my favourite branch otherwise I had no hope.