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Shyama Ganpatsing said...

I wasn’t searching for my deeper self nor had I the wish to become enlighted till my sister told me “You have to go tho this course this is a onc in a life time uportunity”. Curious as I am whenever there are such opportunities I grabbed it with both hands! And guess what? In one day I became a total vegetarian (veganist in fact).
I couldn’t explain the big change within me; my friends couldn’t believe it! I can only say that my soul was so deeply touched by everyone and everything. All the vibes in me and out of me made a connection to a deeper world and instantly I was sold. This course (Art of Breathing) teaches you how simple it is to meditate and become focused in the NOW with a smile!

Stan Bezuidenhout said...

I have a rare condition which was caused by a tumour

Until last September, I suffered with severe hypertension of readings of over 200. I was taking 190mg of blood pressure tablets each day.
Since attending the Art of Living course, the transformation to my health has been absolutely refreshing..

I have learnt to have a more positive attitude about my life.
The breathing techniques have given me the energy to perform in areas that left me breathless and dizzy before.
A balance diet of vegetables daily and a little mean once a week, has reduced my blood pressure to 130 over 90 and my doctor is pleased to prescribe only 10gm a day of tablets..
It has also improved my creativity in surprising ways, such as writing children’s story books.

Sonal Nagda said...

I’d like to share one of the experiences of an inmate from Kenya where Prison Smart course was taken. The course was taken at the Maximum Security prison, Kenya where they are on long term sentence.

Sincerely I have experienced a lot. I was doubting the school but as we advanced the exercise were the most requisite of a living soul. I followed the whole exercise with a lot of caution and care and the results have been very beneficial to my health. The intake of medicine (for ulcers & Asthma) has dramatically reduced, the body has not been asking for these medicines due the exercises we have been doing. In conclusion Art of Living has brought diverse knowledge that is needed by every human being and if keenly observed can bring tremendous changes in ones body. Eventually this will help to live life to the fullest. Indeed through the exercises I have received peace of mind and much willingly to extend this knowledge to my fellow inmates herein in and also outside the world. Congratulations to the teachers for bringing this knowledge at Kamiti. “Thank you and God bless you”. Adult male , Kamiti Maximum security prison, Kiambu, Kenya

Jeetesh said...

Sooo...Lucky...dat I did this Course. Hi..! Jai Gurudev , I m Jeetesh frm Jaipur , India.
I m a teen and I did YES! course around 5 months Back. And nw I live soo Happily dat...cant even Tell.The Course enabled Confidence in me...and ..seriously..Brought me to a Better Way Of Living..:)))
I feel soo Special..and Unique..nd Guruji is toh Bestt...:))) I jus Luv him...nd all of itt.:))))))

Anonymous said...

JGD..Being overweight & my love for spicy food/eating out,I had fallen prey to Piles.I was not able to sit or get involved in any work peacefully for more than a month.The doctor had advised me to get operated if this persists.I was not doing S.Kriya for some time,also I was avoiding AMC too.I had made up my mind not to attend the Part 2 course till the end.But Guru ji' grace was pulling me..I finally attended the AMC(Part 2 course).By the end of the couse I realised that the pain has gone.On the last day of AMC during Q & A session it was told that applying Bandh helps keep away piles problem.Guru ji is watching u evrytime n caring for u folks!!!

purnima said...

Speechless. Words cannot describe the transformation of my life . I am living fearlessly now. I am thankful, very thankful. :) big smiles to everyone. Art of living techniques helped me and carried me through all my pain. It is heavenly.

kanishk said...

My first course brought a total change in the way I used to deal with life. The processes really pull the weak strings in you. Things that used to seem unachievable suddenly became like a inch away. Be it time management, leadership skills, studies or a hard time in a relationship, it taught me how to tackle just anything. And all that with a peace of mind. Simply magic!

kanishk said...

What might look like a stone, can have a diamond inside. And this is what it felt like after my first course. This was a diamond. And the way it changed my outlook of life is something that can only be felt. In all it time management, studies, leadership qualities or fights in a relationship. Being in this present moment, makes you smile and appreciate the beauty of things around you. This course taught me just that!

Tamara Petruša said...

There are no words which could express what was happening at this DSN in all of us and what is happening after... But I'll try anyway :)

So much love, so much happiness, sooo much gratitude... The energy at the course was amazing, I experienced so much there.. I released lot of emotions, situations, that were obviously holding me back. The processes were sooooo incredibly powerful! The intensity of emotions I felt, the intensity of letting go and surrender... Hard to describe it. And sooooo, soooooo much fun!! I do not remember last time I had so much fun! I had time of my life there! And I can tell without thinking that this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! My heart opened so much! Oh and we all cried during all those powerful processes, and I have felt such a relief... I have surrendered so much... The processes were so wonderful... Parents process, oh how much of emotions have gone out.. And what a gratitude! Unexpressable! Tears could not stop flowing, they just kept going, and going...! I have never expereienced such a gratitude; most amazing feeling! Crying out of gratitude – wow, that is life! I am so grateful that I experienced it, that I felt it, that it is our natural state... Wow... And blessing process, oh my God there are no words to express the beauty of it... And that surrender, when you bow and just surrender it all... What a relief, what a gratitude, what love... And all the people there, oh I feel so connected to all of them! Like one huuge family, brothers and sisters, all of us! There was (still is :)) so much love that we spread between us and all around us! At this course I experienced what it really means - that sentence: "Life is enthusiasm, Life is joy, Life is love"! I felt such love there, enthusiasm, joy; we have all celebrated life, we were all like one! It was just......magical... And our dearest Santosh have opened our hearts, and he helped us all to raise energy and to open, to celebrate, to love, to enjoy... He is such an amazing leader, teacher, father... Such love and light... I'd spend all my time with him! :) He gave us so much, taught us so much.. I am so grateful to him as well as to all teachers, people who have been there, and to our dearest Guruji! During the course, while we were singing one bhajan, the Guruji's face showed up in my heart, and I felt like he has settled there, right in my heart... And whenever I think of him, and that picture of him in my heart, I feel such gratitude, love, my heart gets warm... Wonderful.....

And after the course – everything is sooo synchronized! Everything is just flowing, everything is like it should be, everything is happening in the best way. And when I think of something that might worry me or something, I just surrender it to Guruji and let go.. and after it turns out amazing! Wow, I really experience(d) the power of surrender, trust and letting go... And it is so, sooo wonderful how loving, happy and uplifting we all together are! I am so blessed that I have been at this course, with this group, with Santosh, with Guruji... I feel like our lives are turning around, like something new and big and amazing has started..! And Santosh is such an inspiration, oh I'd like to be like him :) He shared so much wonderful knowledge and gave such inspiration to do Padma Sadhana and whole program, to keep going, spreading love, oneness, happiness, Art of Living! And our amazing teachers who put effort into organizing all this, and who are supporting the whole group and helping us to stay in touch! Everyone is giving their best, their 100%! :D

I want everyone to feel like we do, and better, better, and keep going..!!

Thank You, Thank You All!!!

Jay Guru Dev!

From heart with love,
Tamara Petruša

Osama Tahir said...

This is a process which I hated initially, but I’ve learned that daily practice helped me both physically and mentally, it helped me to take control of my life, making it truly belonging to you!!

Husna Azad said...

An amazing experience enjoyed it a lot. Learnt so much about life, about myself and about others, and how to live a better life.

Ayesha Durrani said...

When Naeem came to our school and told us about Art of living’ course, I was psyched, I always wanted to learn the art of meditation and yoga, and even tried learning from books, but it was of no help.
The first day it was okay, but the second day was awesome!! The Sudarshan Kriya is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I felt so many emotions in just those 10 – 15 minutes, all what I experienced throughout my life.
This course has changed my life immensely, I feel happier, more energetic, optimistic about situations and people. I can never forget this experience and our teachers Dinesh, Bawa and Naeem.
I am really grateful to Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, even though I have never met him, for introducing Sudarshan Kriya in my life and making me feel extraordinarily happy!!!!!!!!
If I ever get a chance to do it again, I would 100%, I will implement everything I’ve learned here in my daily life and keep on smiling and make others smile as well.
Thanks for everthing
Dinesh Bhaiya (you totally rock man!) Bawa (truly motivational) and Naeem (keep on smiling)

Monica Pinjani said...

Come with an open mind and things change, at least you realize that you are going wrong.
Changing will take a while.
What I learnt it I need to accept things the way they are and not by me getting annoyed, not by ruining my piece of mind. I hope to stay with it.
I am a lazy lump, love to talk and hear.
Hope to get over it sooon!!

Thanks for everything

Hussain kamani said...

This Art of living workshop is very essential for those who want to achieve something in their life, overcome frustrations, and to stay content throughout life.
This course changes the meaning of life in a positive way and transforms it; it provides relief in a natural way without any medication or any forceful act.
I would recommend every individual on this planet to take this course.

Abeera Kamran said...

I’ve always generally known most of what was taught here, things like being happy is easy and simple, that a task should be given 100% and that’s it’s a terrible idea to be football of others opinion. But in this course, the teachers gave the immediate form to all vague concepts that I had real problems applying myself, which wasn’t productive for me.
I am very ambitious and enthusiastic, this course has given me legs of a muscular athlete, and I am running now. Thank you so much.

Anum Humayun said...

When I came to this course I wasn’t sure about the course, and what it would be like . but after joining it I realized that it was the best thing that ever happened to me. It seemed like Magic. The different exercises and lectures by the teachers were mind blowing. It has made a lot of difference in my life and now I am much happier.
The teachers, Dinesh Bhaiya, Bawa and Naeem were too good.

Armu Ghan A Faruqi said...

The past 6 days of the course had been a blessing for me. I was criticized and discouraged from this course but thanks to our Miss Zainab Khokar, who forced me to take this course, I really felt transformation in my personality plus now I know how to say up fresh for around 52 straight hours.
I experienced it with the help of YES +! And I would like each and every citizen of Pakistan to attend this course, and they will get to know what I am talking about.

PS: seriously, it can change your life, cheers.


Naquiyah Abbas said...

Yes! I have gained a lot from this course. First and foremost, the confidence to meet new people and not hesitate. Initially I felt it was a waste of time but I kept going and I realized how helpful it was. I was addicted to having tea in the morning, but because of Yoga and various other techniques, I have stopped.

Erum Kausar said...

I really liked attending the course and I think everyone should do it.
As I am student of mind sciences and human psychology, I always wanted to know the secret of yoga. As a came to experience this course I was amazed by the teachers, their presentations and their devotion, especially the smile on their faces throughout the course. I gained a lot, as I’m meditating for the last couple of years.
This course has really helped me enhance my self-awareness, sharpness of mind and consciousness. I am able to concentrate better. And think, believe and ultimately behave more positive. I am more forgiving

Humayun Tahir karamaj said...

The experience of the course has given me a lifetime of knowledge. Even if I want to, I cannot forget.
Gratitude, acceptance and love are at the core of this course is about.
I recommend this course to every single person who wants to move that something inside them, that is responsible for our success and growth in life.
I did not even think a minute before writing this, I just put the pen down and it started writing by itself.
I am a different person now; I have experienced the most beautiful emotion of love and gratitude.

Thank you Bawa, Dinesh, Naeem and Mr Sri Sri Ravi Shanker.for bringing this course to my life.

Faraz Anwer said...

This course has changed my life and has brought me and everyone and above all to myself. Although some rules are very tough, but not impossible to cope up with.
It has made me more friendly and cleared me and gave me a better view about many
Things in life the teachers were fantastic, I just loved their lectures.

Shabina Jangda said...

It is an experience of a lifetime. The things that used to worry me seem so small and worthless. There is an increase in confidence, acceptance of people and situations as they are. The Kriya was life changing, everything that worried me from the past came in a dream that night, and all of a sudden, the fear and stress was gone.
It was fun meeting new people, exchanging views, interacting with absolute strangers, having fabulous teachers, who told us nothing extraordinary, but just the things that we take for granted because they are just there. The peace of mind was amazing.
The stretches were causing physical discomfort initially but finally it all settled down. All in all, it feels good.

Samia said...

To start with I had the best time ever in my life. To write anything, I always used to think, but today, right now I just uncapped my pen and started writing without a pause.
This course has helped me in increasing my confidence and in the present moment. I don’t know what the magic is about besides breathing, but I can see a real change in me.
In fact breathing is a magic and I am proud that I found it out.
The perspective of world has completely change d for me.
I used a have a lot of problems in the surroundings, in my family, and it’s all solved in just 6 days.

I am a completely different person from what I was 6 days before (I did this course)
Thanks a zillion.

Kanwal Arshad said...

It was a wonderful experience doing this course. I had some of the best times here and I’m going to cherish these memories forever.
Bawa, Dinesh and Naeem have been great teachers throughout the course, and I have made some really good friends here.
This course has helped me gain more confidence and I feel happier after doing the YES+! Course.

Ayesha Tariq said...

I feel so great!
When I came here I thought it was a bunch of stupid people breathing and that’s it! But now I feel so good about it and so happy. We have AMAZING TEACHERS< SIMPLY AMAZING!! Dinesh I Love You! !

Maliha Zaffer Mirza said...

I knew this course would definitely make a difference in my life. Before this I used to be self conscious and I really cared what people thought of me, but thanks to YES=! I do not care about people as much as I used to, but still take their comments.
The major change in me is that I smile more now and have opened up more which my families also noticed
They can feel the new confidence in me. All the teachers are great and very motivating and inspirational.

Mohsin Mehdi said...

I realized that all people are the same, they all make mistakes. I felt more confident after attending this course; I advise all to do this course.
The meditations have helped me physically too and I will continue to do it at home.

Tania Asif Khan said...

I experience so much in this course. I had very less confidence, now I have much more; I have learnt to smile every time, be happy and to make others happy. I would encourage everyone to do this course, the teachers and volunteers were very great and co-corporative.

Sumbul Fatima said...

This course has made a huge impact in my life. It improved me greatly as a person. I got more than what I expected. The first two days were really tough but then I began to notice the change. I began to smile more often, even to strangers.
I thought more about others feelings and when people would “try” to bug me, I would smile and thank them, as it is because of them that I realize my patience levels.
I am very grateful to Art of Living for bringing Dinesh, Bawa and Naeem Sir to me. It changed my life.
Thank you.

Zuhed Jamal said...

I had a wonderful experience at the workshop. I learned how to breathe, concentrate and got to meet really nice people like Bawa, Dinesh and Naeem.
Also, I am a very lazy person, so this course helped me become active. I think if I wouldn't have done the course, I would have headed towards a quick death, due to my unhealthy habits.
I really want to thank the teachers. I feel sad because I can't pay them back. I think people shouldn't criticize them and pass judgements without meeting them first.

Bibi Natasha Mukarram said...

This course has literally changed me how to 'breathe' my problems away. I feel I have the power to change the world!
And I feel fortunate to be one of the lucky few who have this power and knowledge. I have learnt acceptance and that I can change my life and my surroundings whenever and wherever I want.

Rumaisa Saleem said...

I feel sorry for those who haven't done the course. It really helps in releasing tension and stress. It is amazing how you can smile when you least expect it! Rock on!

Maidha said...

I have seen Yoga on TV and read about it in books, but never learnt it for real. After joining the Art of Living, I got to know the real meaning of Yoga.
I learnt a lot from this one week programme, and now I am capable of changing 'The World of Impossibles to Possibles'.
The Art of Living has dared me to begin a new life. We did only few exercises but it is the real Circle of Life.

 Sana Saleem said...

An amazing course that gave me answers to self-exploratory questions that had been confusing me since ages.
The stuff that Dinesh and Bawa said was like someone was giving me the best lessons of a lifetime. The 'football of opinions' and 'accepting yourself' points were a gold mine. Absolutely amazing.

Mansoor Adenwala said...

I now believe I was supposed to be here, attend this course and take a new perspective in life, so the whole experience came together for me.
I thought it would be a refresher, build on concepts I have learned before, but I was wrong. It took me in a whole new direction. I now smile. Not forced smiles, just do. I am calmer and more accepting. I have learnt new things about myself, like I could sit up straight, could give my hundred percent and make a difference.
And I couldn't have done it with a better set of people and a better set of teachers.
Thank you, Bawa, Dinesh and Naeem, for changing my life.

Anam Shaikh said...

I ain't good at describing my feelings but in this case, I would like to say that I loved the programme and everybody should join it.

Emaan Rana said...

The Art of Living has made me a much much stronger person. No matter stress or worries, I feel super! Like rock solid! Complete. I love it! I love it!

Sophia said...

I enjoyed the class immensely and I learnt to focus a lot more, something that I have spent all my life trying to teach myself, because I have very little concentration and I know that this is the one thing I really need to succeed in life.

Numair said...

It was the most memorable experience of my life! I had the time of my life! It taught me a lot in just six days and I got rid of a lot of stress and fund happiness, like never before.

Anahita said...

It is a good idea to implement a good idea. And I will! Thank you for teaching me how to control myself! Thank you very much for bringing happiness into my life, fir new friends, for new experiences!
For the whole new world you have given, Bawa, you are closer than the closest friend and Dinesh you are much more than a teacher, an elder brother…friend…Bawa you are all in one and you both are family to me…please do let us know when you are back. I cant thank you enough! Words are nothing.
(Huge smiley)I hope this conveys at least 1% of what I have to say. Thank for everything!

Shaneel said...

I certainly feel energetic and charged. I usually work long hours and get very tired and laid back. But this course has brought a flare in me and I do everything with interest. I have learnt that life is an expression of happiness and it’s not outside, it lies within ourselves.

Maliha Farooq said...

When I heard about the course, I never wanted to join, but now I think I am lucky to have been a part of it.
I simply loved everything. Now I know how I can be happy every moment. No stress, no tension, because I always do 100% now.
I really want to thank you all, you guys made my life. This sentence has everything I want to say.

Sergey said...

Happiness. No stress. No sadness. No doubts.
The best experience of my life.
This programme gave us a new path, a new world.
A huge difference in six days.

Tuba Zaki said...

It was a wonderful experience throughout the course, something very different and never thought of. I started giving my 100% to each and everything. For eg., my studies, listening to my parents.
I do whatever I like, I am not a football of others' opinions. Sudarshan Kriya was marvellous and I felt relaxed and tension-free, stress-free. I had a great sleep after that.
These exercise brought a great change in my life. I will continue doing it and always hope for the best.

Sandeep Pinjani said...

Firstly I would like to thank Mr. Khokhan, Bawa and Dinesh for bringing a positive change in my life in just six days. I have drastically improved and I think everyone should take this course.
Thank you.

Babar Yousuf said...

AOL teachers, I am grateful to you. This is the greatest thing we have found in life. Most importantly, breathing. AOL has helped me recognize the quality and exactly presence of my mind with each breath.
This has transformed my idea of self and in the moment I realise that I am actually reborn every time my idea of self evolves, with every passing day.

S Paiman Hussain said...

This is phenomenal. The first time you hear from somebody that this course changes your life, you may consider it bull crap but after finally going through this for six days, I have realised how it actually does. Now I listen to people more clearly and I keep open views, think positive, and I don't care about what other people keep thinking.
Simply put, I can’t wait for Dinesh, Naeem, Bawa to come back again the next year. Thank you guys!

Wais Haji Muhammad said...

YES!+ is the best experience of life. The way I was tensed due to all the outer influences, I joined the course with the same expectation.
The tension, stress, panic and anger is what I wanted to control and through this course I surely have calmed down a lot. I have gained so much in so little time and more than I expected. It is like getting more than you asked for. And that is what happened during this course. A must have for everybody. Thank you guys!

Reja said...

I learnt to keep smiling. And to see everything in a positive manner. Thank you so much!

Nidha Tariq said...

Well, my experience about this course is really good. I have learnt to smile and be happy, even though I am sad or anything bad happens to me, I have learnt to face it and not get tensed.

Saba Bilwani said...

The course was a wonderful experience I am a person who is quite uncomfortable around people but this course made me overcome it. I am more comfortable around people now.

Swaroop said...

"experiment with happiness" ..indeed ,being part of YES!+ was an
experiment, which turned out to be the best experience of my life. The
night before the YES!+ course started , I had high fever and the idea
of getting up early in the morning seemed like a definite NO NO... I
don't know what made me take up that risk but I said ok lemme give it
a try worst comes to worst I will have to take one more sick leave.

The first day , I was quite apprehensive of how I would be able
to sustain the entire course given my physical condition but to my
surprise all the breathing exercises that we did, made me so energetic
that I was more active than I would normally be. Subsequent days of
the course became more fun as I made lots of friends.

The one Sunday that we had spent in Ashram was truly an experience
on its own. The entire day was filled with fun and frolic and the
satsang was indeed the icing on the cake, more so because everybody
were in their own world enjoying every bit of it without having any
inhibitions whatsoever.There was one incident that happened during the
satsang there .While I was totally engrossed in the satsang enjoying
my little unique dance totally u. I felt there is much goodness and
happiness around you that nothing bad can ever happen.

The games that we played in the course were truly amazing.The one
that impressed me the most was, praising ppl on their back . It was
amazing to praise ppl on their back and also recieve praises at the
same time.One such compliment read like this "Your innocent smile with
braces is breath taking". whether the person truly intended it or not,
I was totally flattered by the compliment.
Although I feel very conscious to smile with the braces on, I really
felt good after reading that compliment.Sometimes you don't realize
how much you crave for people to praise you, talk good about you.

In entirety ,Yes!+ was truly an amazing experience that I would
cherish for long.

Srikant said...

Jai Guru Dev All,

Been a truly blissful week the week past , , , I just woke up ... and the clock reads 5 30 :) .. but I wish Phani would be waiting on the other side of the fly over and Aditya would call me to tell me he is leaving .. Missing the FUN now :(

We have had a lovely cruise for the past 7 days .. a cruise that has shored us all - rejuvenated & on a real HIGH.
Madhuri n Sampath captained us through the cruise, showed us the beautiful reefs that each one of us are a host to. But lets not keep this cruise a secret, lets let the WORLD take on this cruise, and let us also be a part of this cruise ( trust me you get to see different distant lands inside yourself every single time ) ... Let us share the PEARLS that we collected with the world around us .. and get them through this BLISSFUL Cruise.

So the next cruise undocks on the 19th of March from the same shores and let us all stuff our little world into it and show them the WORLD within. It is always a good idea to keep ourselves conditioned and take on a mini-criuse every sunday morning with the long sudarshan kriya.

We could also think on the lines of shoring ourselves sometime to catch up a movie, for dinner together and for a lot many things.
Guess this YES Plus has left me deserted on some GYAN island and the air around is getting me to do this. ( thats lot of GYAN for the day )

Jai Guru dev ,,, loved every single one of your presence on the cruise and YES !+ now has made its foot print on Koramangala and we will all take up this adventure of ensuring that it stays there.

>> love

Vasanth Mohanraj said...

One of the best decisions I ever made in life is to go for Art of Living!!

It was an awesome [indeed ‘*it is*’ -> live in presentJ] experience to get
to know about AOL workshop course YES!+ and also to be a part of it !! I
had total fun and also learnt lots many things about myself which I didn’t
know all these days.

Course made me realize the effects & impacts of the breathing
technique known as "Sudarshan Kriya" in my own life. Trust me it
leaves one so peaceful with 0% stress & 0% pain…I came to know that
normally we just use 30% percent of lungs capacity for inhaling and
it’s only through “Sudarshan Kriya” we use our 100% of lungs capacity
to inhale. It’s simply amazing and mind blowing.

Like Guruji says “Mind is like a kite, so is your breath a string to
it”. I completely realized that one can control his mind by the way we
I can see a new life in me!!
do consider me in this volunteer list for the next YES!+ course

Lots to talk about AOL but in simple words, *AOL ROCKS!!*

Katrien said...

Marco, one of the first students of Prison SMART in Belgium, has just been transferred to a wing of the prison where they put all “crazy” prisoners and “dangers for society” together. Upon arriving in this “hell” and seeing the condition of these people, he loses all hope... Nobody seems to know whether and when one can ever get out of there. He becomes depressed and suicidal.

Marco was in such a desperate state that I decided to ask our One World Family to support him and make him feel he is not alone in the world. Guess what? He got more than 400 heartfelt cards, letters, drawings, and wishes from dozens of countries! Touched to tears and deeply grateful he started putting his life back on track… staying in contact with some of his well-wishers, among whom there was one woman…. They kept writing and writing, then calling and calling, then visiting and visiting… And now…. they are marrying!!!

So grateful for the miracle that occurred in his life, Marco has asked me to be his witness at the wedding, which will take place in the prison of Turnhout on the 1st June. He can only invite 10 people for the wedding and his number 1 guest is… Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, his “Savior” and the “Giver of Life”! It is Marco’s biggest wish to receive Sri Sri’s blessing and to introduce the people who are most important in his life to Sri Sri on that special day. So deep, subtle and precious is his wish to see the Master at his wedding day, that he can hardly speak about it.

If you feel like, you can send wishes to Marco (and his wife A.) or you can support the newlywed couple with some money which they would like to use to advocate for Marco’s freedom (gifts cannot enter the prison). If you make a transfer before 26th May we will offer a cheque in the name of our worldwide Art of Living family on their wedding day and transfer it all together to their account! And let’s all pray that Sri Sri makes a detour to this Belgian prison on 1st June 2011!

Camille said...

After running a few art of living courses I can tell people that they don't realy know who they are. In fact we are so deep. You know that only 1% or 2% or your being.

People think they know themselves that prevents their curiosity to bloom and leaves room to arogant. The more you think you know the more you become full. And when you are full the inside's room is full too. Then how can you put good feelings, happiness and joy inside of it ? It is already full. Full of what ? You decide.

That is what i learnt at the Art of living. We learn to emptying ourselves and getting free from stress and sorrow.

This processus is so amazing and wonderfull thank you all !
A new life as begun :)

Mihir Mangalvedhekar said...

Art of Living has definitely changed my life, not just for the good but for the best !! For one, i know i have a Guru who is taking care of me, who knows who i am and who knows what my life is going to be like.That gives a tremendous sense of freedom !! For we all know how difficult it is to find your inner self and know who you are, but once you know that Guruji already knows who you are and is going to slowly reveal it to you, you start enjoying life and achieving things you could not think of before ! The Sudarshan Kriya is truly the best gift mankind has ever got ! We should all be grateful to Guruji for this wonderful present !

Amit Kalyani. said...

I was fortunate to attend the Advance course in the Ashram from 30th May to 4th June. Pankaj Bhayya took the course with his unique humble style winning the hearts of each an everyone in the course. And guess what, Guruji was present with us for all the 5 days.

I had longed for a deep silence for some time and as a result I decided to attend the course, although I was cribbing to pay Rs 3500/- a 500 extra of the normal course fees.

In all the past courses I attended I used to hear the talks on "Journey from Head to Heart", but it never gelled to me, although I used to be happy and relaxed. But this time it was something different. By the end of the second day, mind had already stopped chattering. Meditations were deep. And the time appeared fleeting. And on the third day, I felt something very unique. Mind had started longing for the deep silence. Something has blossomed in my heart, I don't know what and I still don't know what it is. I felt deep compassion in me. I felt I am responsible for everybody and I should take care of everybody. At that time, the words "Journey from Head to Heart" became more meaningful to me. I found myself close to Guruji, close to the nature and close to everybody around me. Words cannot explain that experience, but still I am making a futile attempt to share my experience with you.

Dear souls, The Journey from the Head to Heart is waiting for all of us. I want everybody of you to attend the Advance course, not once but again and again and again and again....Please make it a point to attend the advance course whenever you get an opportunity. Don't miss the chance anytime.

Jai Guru Deva.

rama said...

Yes , I was very worry & unhappy about my life . I had no peace . I was not suffering from post ,power & paisa . but i had no joy & peace in life . I always thought about future & past .
So ,i was looking such peace . My friend Jeevan Sudedi told me about AOL . Then I sent to my husband , Sita ram Dulal in AOL . When he returned from this 6 days course ,he forced to me join on this course . but ,my mind was not ready to go there .
At last ,I went to join this basic course . I saw my guru ,Ram Pandey who was with me for 6 days . He was just 30 yrs old boy . I can not believe him . but after 6 days ,it was amazing for me . I was totally changed . my mind was cha\nged . Thanks Ram pandeyji ,who have so power to changed me , . Thanks Guruji ,who gave such power to Ram Pandeyji .
Really It is wonderful experience for my life .
Guruji ,u r my life . U r my soul .
Jai Gur Dev

Afet Billali said...

"During my sleep, I heard my brother's voice, who was killed in the Reqak massacre, and voices of my friends who were killed in the war. I heard them calling me for help. I often jumped from my bed searching for the gun, and afterward I could not sleep. After the program, I sleep much better, and flashbacks and nightmares have reduced."

Roopa said...

‎"Every morning I used to wake up with a jolt, my whole body used to ache and at night I used to be very scared of noises and I missed my mother who died in quake. Now I am feeling very relaxed and no longer afraid of noises." - Arshad Khan, aged 14, Gabra village, after the Trauma Relief programs conducted by The Art of Living after the area was hit by an earthquake

Ali Bankat said...

"Before this course, I was sad, depressed and starting to lose hope because of the situation here in Iraq. Now, after only four days, I feel confident in myself & happier, have hopes and dreams again and I feel that life is so beautiful. I have started to love everyone and physically I have much more energy and am able to do more things. I want to thank you very much for helping all of us feel better."- M. Ali Bankat

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a once in a lifetime experience. I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 days, a totally different sort of enjoyment than experienced by me so far. It made me feel very young at heart (though I am 50 now). I felt very light and my heart was filled with enthusiasm and happiness. I never would have imagined that I will be dancing at this age in front of everybody without even the slightest inhibition. The course was so effective that it helped all of us totally unwind ourselves, forget all our worries, and I can definitely say had a therapeutic effect in the stressful life most of us are leading these days.– Mythili Sridhar

Anonymous said...

Sri Sri Natya was one of the best gifts that I have received in my life. On the very second day of the course, I experienced absolute bliss and realised the "SHIVA" within me.

Anonymous said...

Sri Sri Natya Course Experience: I was hesitant in the beginning as I am a BP patient. My Blood Pressure is quite normal now, and the heaviness in my chest has gone. I feel very active and enthusiastic.

Anonymous said...

Sri Sri Natya Course Experience: I begin by saying that this is THE MUST DO COURSE FOR ALL AoL MEMBERS! When we dance to the tune of songs and music in yogic postures with divinity in mind, a flash came to me to realise that I am indeed divine.

Anonymous said...

Sri Sri Natya Course Experience: I have no words to say about the fantabulous Sri Sri Natya course I did during this Navaratri at the ashram. Such overwhelming joy, that I just can’t express. Tears of joy roll down just even at the thought of it.

Anonymous said...

The Sri Sri Natya Course was simply awesome. The apt word would be "heart touching". I miss Sri Sri Natya now. I really wish I could dance daily. I have done many Art of Living courses but I must tell you, Sri Sri Natya is the best. Blissful!! Saying in one word in Malayalam it was "Adi poli"

Anonymous said...

“It (the course) definitely gave me a positive boost. It also gave me more confidence and energy.I suffer from anxiety and have experienced panic attacks in the past. After the course, I became more in tune with my own body.”

Anonymous said...

I used to be a very nervous person and I could not accept a ‘No’ from anyone. Everyone at work knows how I used shout and react. Now I can accept; I can deal better with people, and everyone around me can see that.

Anonymous said...

Sri Sri Natya Course: People look for a meaning and a purpose in life. When you take this workshop you can actually find it.

Anonymous said...

‎"The course has helped me to improve my interpersonal relationships with others and has been an immeasurable help to me in controlling any stress building within me. It has had a beneficial effect upon my health and I intend to continue taking further courses that are on offer which I have no doubt will provide further benefits to my health and contentment." - Dahlia Mejilla, Businesswoman

Claudia Dabove said...


Anonymous said...

‎"I feel very satisfied because I know that whenever I feel fatigued, stressed out or just simply want to refresh myself, I know of a simple exercise that will work wonders and is something I can rely on throughout my life." - Mariam Zaidi, Islamabad, Pakistan

Anonymous said...

‎"The Art of Living course gives me back the peace that I had lost. Earlier, everything seemed scattered and felt like a burden. Now, stability, joy and easiness have come together with peace." - Zoran Radovic, Professor

Anonymous said...

About Art Of Living Course
The Art of Living has added colour to my life
It has cooled my temper that was like a knife.
Life is whole lot better when you attend this course
It helps you to control your temper
even when you are as hot as bread -turning to toast
You are easier to get along with &
All life's problems are all a myth.

They teach us the 'Golden Keys'
And that unwanted stuff
includes chocolate and cheese!
They relieve you when you are stressed out a lot
And makes failures a lot easier to sort.

It is a unique experience to be here
And leaving it almost brings a tear.
It helps to have total control of our mind
And makes problems tough to find.

It also trains us with vigorous exercises
Teaches use asanas and gets rid of our sights.
We have plenty of fun with games as well
But to our friends we swore not to tell
So that they might come to see themselves,
how to keep obstacles on a no problem shelf!

From Bangalore comes,our trainer
where it is a whole lot cleaner,
He talks to us a lot too
and makes everyday interesting and new.

I recommend this course to everyone
And hope they too find it a lot of fun!

Vaibhav Pandit said...

Jai Guru Dev

My life is completely change, day by day connection with Guruji go strong, life become celebration.

s said...

I completed my first DSN course last Sunday. It was an amazing experience. I felt I directly connected to Guruji through our beloved teacher. Thanks to Guruji for designing such beautiful courses and helping millions of people like us to transform our life positively. Till recently there was less harmony in our house, now after my husband also joined AOL, there is harmomy and peace prevailing in our house. This is a blessing to all of us to have done these courses to gain Guruji's blessing.
Jai Guru Dev

Divesh said...

I did my first couse in August 2003,with an amazing teacher Vanishree,in South Africa.When I attended the course I was at the lowest of my lows in Life.Had been on cortisone for 3 years,and doctors wanted me to take it for life.I could bearly carry my own cushion to the course.On the last day I was on the highest of highs.Full of laughter & Joy,as if there was nothing wrong with me.I felt normal,no different,but unaware of the blissful state I was in.I was 30 years old then,and my medical report said 'Wasted Young Male'.Today I've become a teacher,a year now,did the Sri Sri Yoga course,and am healing very nicely.Only now I understand what they meant by GRACE.She sure is not in the human form.Much gratitude to the founding members of Art of Living,and to our beloved GURU.Jai Gurudev

Arun Mukhedkar said...

My Experiences on AOL Basic Course and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course

After working for 33 years in Industry I retired in 2002 and enjoyed a few weeks as holydays and felt great in life. I did not take up any part time job that will keep me mentally alert nor participate in any social activities. However my post retired life, with zero activity, distorted the life balance and soon I lost the control and slowly the effect of emptiness created a cavity in my mind and started feeling highly restless. Soon I was diagnosed as depressive, started feeling alone, melancholy.... and could not get proper sleep during night. With no options left I embarked on Ayurvedic treatment and the consulting doctor advised me to engage myself in some social activities. One day I met Mr.Kaushik Shah, who informed me about various courses of Art of Living & their enormous benefits. I, without any further delay, took up a 3 days workshop on Part-I course with Mr.Satyajitji and repeated subsequently 6 days course with Mr.Ramakrishna Naikji in Aundh. Both Satyajitji & Naikji are excellent teacher, soft-spoken, very graceful, mild, glowing and always smiling. They taught us various yogasana, pranayama and the most powerful “Sudarshan Kriya”. With daily practice at home, this step in my post retired life has radically changed my perception of life, health and reality. I thought I would share my experience since it meant so much to me. My growth on this path has accelerated exponentially. It’s one of the best programs I have attended. “There was not a single dull moment…no pasts….no future….just the present moment ……full of change…..raising our standards….learning to know about our “SELF”. What seemed impossible became possible. I am filled with inexpressible love and gratitude and determined to be a perfect instrument of the Divine.

I, now realize that I am part of great tradition of enlightened GURU, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji and strongly feel that HE is with me guiding and blessing me all the way. With my regular practice of home kriya daily and once a week long kriya, I feel it is a tremendous relaxation for my body and soul. Now I feel more energetic, peaceful, calm, balanced, with increased concentration of mind. I was gently stretched beyond my perceived limits in a space of love & joy, and filled with knowledge. I got back my sense of certainty that creates the winner's edge. I now appreciate the special gifts I have from Art of Living.

Encouraged by the Part-I course, I also did Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course under the guidance of another great teacher, none other than, Mr.Girinji. Girin Govindji is a Senior Art of Living faculty who has been with His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji for more than a decade. Sahaj means natural, effortless and Samadhi is a deep meditative state of mind. Sahaj Samadhi is a natural and effortless technique of meditation that allows the conscious mind to settle deeply into the self, thus giving it much needed deep rest. When the mind settles down, it lets go of stress and centres itself completely in the present moment. With my regular practice of meditation the anxiety slowly decreasing, emotional stability improving and in addition I see happiness, creativity and intuition in day-today life.

Needless to say that I am totally off all the medication prescribed by doctors, get sound sleep, feel always fresh and have more balance and equanimity in my post retired life. I strongly feel that understanding the science of soul is most important in life.

Through these AOL activities, I got mu Guru “Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji” and feel most fortunate to have Satyajit, Naik and Girinji as my Teachers. They convey this knowledge so totally and effortlessly. One feels positive and uplifted by merely being in their presence.

Jai Gurudev
Arun Mukhedkar

Padma said...

i was very sick depressed and on mediction before joining art of living. i remember my first part -1 i felt like i have taken rebirth. i beame more quiet. stopped medicines. i feel blessed and full of life. there are problems in life i can handle them more condidently. i did my advanced and people said i am looking better. past regression took me to my last births which helped me to understand myself.sahaj gave me dear mantra friend whom i can call in my daytoday life. thank u guruji

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev!

I can't even begin to describe how deep the process was and how I'm feeling. A lot of my tendencies seem clearer to me now. When I was told that I had PCOD and would have difficulty having children in the future, I didn't quite know why that depressed me so much. I have always had a deep desire to be a mother. Perhaps losing a child has left a deep mark on my psyche.

I've always been afraid of water, so I never learnt swimming. I've had a deep fear of drowning, I guess I know now where that comes from. I am by nature a very restless person. I'm never content with just being in one place. I have to keep "galavanting about", as my mother puts it! I can see where that part of my nature comes from.

The most important thing I experienced was feeling OLD. I realised that all those people that I was -a young girl, a sailor, a yogi, a writer- and who I am today are not really who I am. There is some aspect of me that is timeless and ancient. And I am that. Just as a day loses significance in a lifetime, so too a lifetime loses significance when you realise the age of the soul. I feel more free. More free to make the small everyday mistakes, because what significance do our mundane actions have when seen from the scope of the many lifetimes of the soul? I've always had a tendency to chastise myself for the small mistakes I make, I never give myself a break! I keep pricking myself. Perhaps the best way is to just become aware of the mistake and let go of it.

Perhaps the best way to not allow impressions on the soul is to become aware of our tendencies as they are forming.

One thing is for certain, I feel blessed to have this birth and to have a Master like Sri Sri.

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Eternity Process came as a blessing for me, as it made me aware of one of the strongest tendencies of my life which was of renunciation.

I was a Buddhist monk in one of my past lives.
At age of 8 i wanted to be a monk, when i grew up i wanted to run away from my family. Professionally i would have changed 5 jobs in 3 years. Also, i had a very strong aversion to marriage. Somehow i was unable to take the responsibilities of the world. All these was not allowing me to live a balanced life causing much suffering.

I am happy that i am coming out of these tendencies. With Guru’s grace prepared to take much more commitments and live a balanced and Cheerful life .

Jai Gurudev.

Anonymous said...

I always had a feeling that there are so many things in my Life today somehow have a connection somehere in the past. Things I like, things I dislike, things I am not able to do, why am I the way I am [Main aisa kyun hoon! ;) ]…without any reason. There has to be a reason, but what is it? I used to question myself.

Well, the answer was surely the Eternity process. A part of the experience is right here:
In one of the past lives I was a Disciple of a Guru who use to teach us kids under a tree…just like the Gurukuls’ we had. His message was to ‘Love everyone around you’. Then many years later I become a teacher and children use to come to me for knowledge. I have a special bonding with those kids. There was one particular child I was very close…the most naughty one. My Guru while going had told me that ‘I am with you always…you don’t have to worry’.

In another I was a Monk staying in a beachside wooden hut. There are flowering plants all around. I am mostly in meditation and I use to sell flowers for a living. I had healed a small kid who was hurt in his leg very badly. I had drowned in a huge sea wave that had destroyed the entire village.

This had answered my unusual connection with kids whenever I see them. My attraction towards spirituality from the beginning. Also why I loved flowers, my fear of heights and my fear of drowning, because of which I could never learn swimming. Everything is gone like a swish of a cloud passed by; clearing the sky above! Also, I use to have a chocking feeling in my chest during deep breathing, which has totally vanished. Also, the child that I saw in both my lives is someone very special in this life! And we share the similar relationship!

One beautiful thing I realized is that we have existed in this universe since ages and ages. This life is also a passing ship, another journey to travel and move on! The whole perpective towards life has changed since I know that I exist since and till ETERNITY!

Anonymous said...

‘Karma’, a tough word to digest. I think they are the deeds or actions which are responsible for previous actions of our life and past lives. So, what is the Karma? Does it affect our life? Is my past Karma affecting my life? I need to know what the Karma and how can I get rod of it?

In my current life I had a fear of crossing the roads. It took me five to ten minutes to cross a road. I had a strong fear of losing people; I want that person to be present all the time. I had a pattern to give up or facing failure at the end moment. I had speech problems, also lack of confidence while speaking in public. I am a hyperactive person who is a always unstable. These are the things or traits present in me. These things were written on my slate. I always wanted an eraser to rub or remove it permanently.

Few of my friends told me about the ETERNITY PROCESS. In this process we can see our past lives and experience something. So I thought lets just experience the process and decided to do the process.

I saw my three past lives each unique and had a definite connection with my current life. Each life had a message and a learning which I need to use in my current life. Let’s start my journey towards the eternity.

In my first life I was a male teen in a village may be in India. I was playing on the footsteps of the temple. The village was beautiful with small huts. I don’t know why was running behind something and suddenly I came near the rail tracks and a train chopped me off. It was a strong blow. This was the reason why I have a strong fear of crossing roads. The slate is getting erased.

My second life had some major traits which I have in my life.I was a Chinese warrior and the General of the Army. I had a beautiful daughter of five to six years of age. I loved her a lot. I used to play in the farms with her. I cared for her more than anyone including my self. I was between the battlefield. I saw armies coming after my army. I saw many of the soldiers dying; I was just broken off to see all the people dead. I don’t know what happened in the middle of the battle I had a thought of my daughter what will happen if I die. Who will take care of her? Would I ever meet her up again? This thought came in my mind and suddenly the spear came form the front and killed me and I fall on my back. I was so devastated and I thought I had lost her. My last thought before the death was I am guilty I couldn’t take care of her and I couldn’t love her whole life. I had lost her. I wished in my next life I want to meet her and give her the love. And my soul passed away. Now, in my current life she is my closest friend. I care for her a lot.

My third life was of a person who was brought up in the ashram. I had a guru in my life. I was given the knowledge and after my education in ‘gurukul’ I was a teacher and I used to serve people in the near by villages. I was the ‘acharya’ at the end of my life.

So these are my lives. These are just few drops of the ocean. A single drop can change the characteristic of the ocean. This process has just connected dots in my life. It has given me many answers. Being a computer engineer I would say this process has just formatted the computer. The hardware is same but the software is different with programs of knowledge, faith, compassion, forgiveness, calmness, focus and most powerful tool love.

karmano hy api boddhavyam
boddhavyam ca vikarmanah
akarmanas ca boddhavyam
gahana karmano gatih

Bhagavad-Gita As It Is 4.17


One should know properly what action is, what forbidden action is, and what inaction is. Because, the intricacies of action are very hard to understand.

So, I still haven’t learnt how Karma works, but I have experienced the Karma. The journey is not completed but it has just started on the right path. Some relationships lasts for a moment, some for months, some for years and some for centuries but few relationships last for eternity.

Jai Guru Dev

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to do this program last week with Alka didi. Words can't express the experience i had. Many times i have heard and felt strongly we have taken several births to be here in this life, body perishes but what remains is soul and we come back again and again to purify our karma and reach the Highest.

This fact got solidified during my Eternity process. I am all at wonder, how vast theexistence Is, its unfathomable. Everything is connected, My thoughts, people around all are impressions which i have been carrying with me Only body is new..
AHO, its so fascinating, so mystical.

I recommend all to do Eternity Process for yourself and dive deep into your existence ... Jai Gurudev ...

Anonymous said...

One of the most magical, divine, soothing expereinces I have ever had in this life time. Its not just knowing about your past life, its diving deep down to listen to ur inner most vibration. Its connecting to GUruji, with Divinity, with Universal energies that help us understand certain patterns in life. It helps us liberate from r past bondages.

One can HEAL one's life only by understanding the root cause of his/her problems. We carry soooooo many countless impressions ranging from countless lifetimes. This can be broken by Sadhana alone.

For me ETERNITY was connecting with Guruji, my past life, me getting solutions to heal my past life isues & me getting the enlightment I needed to evolve spiritually......

Strongly recommended for ALL>................ to BREAK FREE and to live a life of wholeness, oneness with Divinty....

Come Expereince this enriching, life turning process, and transform your life for a lifetime to come... !!

Mukul Gangal said...

I attended SSY – 2 course without any expectations. I was motivated by my spouse to just attend the course along-with her. Once I started, I followed all instructions and suggested do’s and don’ts. For me there were two highlights of this program i.e. SAHASI and SHANKH PRAKSHLAN. Both are unique in their application.

While SAHASI took care of knee pain and swelling on anal tract after just 2 rounds on consecutive days; the experience with SHANKH PRAKSHALAN were more even more visible.
I have been suffering from some rashes on my lower body for over a year. I have been using detox pads on both of my soles every few days. These pads do work. I was getting the partial relief on the very next day. However, retrospectively, these pads were only working on the symptom of some sort of toxity in the body and not the root of it.
SHANKH PRAKSHALAN is approximately a 2 hour process. I got rid of my rashes in the middle of the process and today even after 2 weeks not even a trace of rashes have reappeared. I believe that the SHANKH PRAKSHALAN process has worked on the root of the toxicity in the body.

Vytas Demenis said...

it just simply changes you... in a good way :)

Bryson said...

I took my first part 1 course in 2008 with Hitu Jugessur and Samer Tamaz. Before the course I was agitated, easily frustrated and would have fits of crying. Through the process of learning how to breathe with Sudarshan Kriya, 3-stage Pranayama and Bhastrika I was able to completely turn around my negative feelings to become a more open, happier person. I am forever grateful for this gift of knowledge given to me and I recommend it to anyone!!!

Bryson said...

I took the part 1 course in 2008. Back then I was suicidal, emotionally unsteady, easily frustrated - I was a mess. After learning the breathing techniques for 1 week I felt such a powerful transformation within me. Since that time I am happier, more confident and I enjoy life now! I recommend this course to everyone who may have a speedbump in life or to anyone who wants to learn to destress. Jai Gurudev!

Muniraj Yelgulwar said...

jai gurudev There are no words which could express what was happening at this DSN in all of us and what is happening after............

Muniraj Yelgulwar said...

jai gurudev There are no words which could express what was happening at this DSN in all of us and what is happening after...........

Rohit Kejariwal said...

AOL courses gives us the highest knowledge ie knowledge of the self rather than mere information or concepts or experiences that our education system and social systems provide.

Latha Mangesh said...

jai guru dev,

I did my part 1 course (3 day) in may 2012. I had back problem, digestion problem and allergic to citrus fruits. So i had been complaining of some pain or the other for the past 2 years. So i regularly visited a accupressure doctor for the past 2 years. After doing part 1 course i continued visiting the doc and i repeated the same course in June after that i stopped visiting the doctor.

I have been regularly doing sudharshan kriya and nw i don't have any of the above mentioned problems. And I am tension free.

My happiness has no bounds and my gratitude to guruji

jai gurudev

PrincessDreamWorld said...

Jai Gurudev,

Before doing course repeatedly physically I was harming myself and was going in depression and didn't have a good relationship with my Family.

But after doing course and regular practice of Sudarshan kriya very soon I stopped harming myself, Now I Love MYSELF - MY LIFE, become capable to control my mind within few minutes. Have become Mentally Strong and relationship with my family and friends have become better. Now I enjoy my Life even in difficult situation, No need to find reason for Happinees. Love and Happiness has become my Nature :)

Thanks to My Sister Dr.Prajna, My Niece Prakruti and Aparna and Vinayakka for Introducing me to this Wonderful Joyful World.


Uma Srinivasan Iyer said...

MIRACLE COURSES & AWESOME DIVINE so lucky my last 2 courses were out of the world!!..not only in experience but in actual reality benefits are there for one to feel & everyone else to see...SSYpart 2 with wonderful Kashiji popularly known as Kashi bhaiya was so divinely healing and miraculously amazing... i feel so fit & agile ...and today completed Sahaj Samadhi Meditation with Bawa & Dinesh ..enjoyed their fun filled teaching, their incredible brilliance & tremendous wit ... meditations were so effortless yet profound ..was led to deep samadhi state ...almost like a game..really wish all my friends do it..feel so tranquil & joyful...Thank you... from a grateful happy peace filled heart Jaigurudev

Chintan Doshi said...

In my life my comphedence level was low.whrn i did art of living my comphedence levrel. Work capacity is incrrased.i become so much enthusiastic.myconcept about people changed. Guruji told me in dream i am with u

bhaktavathsala said...

JGD I am animation faculty by profession. after doing this course around me the things are looking same but my view towards my surrounding as changed this is the change i observed after my Part - 1 course and happy in doing sudarshan kriya. JGD.

neeta kumar said...

"i myself feel relaxed when i do Sudarshan kriya regularly. that has increased my creative tinking and i wish to serve society. i have seen 7 cases of diabetes whose disease has completeted reverted and their personality is transformed in a happy easy to bear person from opposite otherwise. Their diabetes related complications gone.

2 cases of ankylosing spondylitis completely cures after SKP and shakti drop. 3 more cases of irraparable diseases were cured. seeing this from my eyes make me very fond of this knowledge. Hope all those who are devoid of it can get it. My mother is alive today because of Art of Living and blessings from one AOL teacher. my gratitude has no words to describe. praying for world peace-neeta"

Ashavine said...

Art of living has helped me to reduce my stress and has taught me to me live my life happily.

Kayzad Gaira said...

YES? YES 100%
Life is not worth it….for some reason I always felt that way, and the only reason I hated life was because I hated myself, just this feeling of hatred made me feel miserable, and as always I pretend to be OK.
But somehow today a I write this, I don’t feel sad as I usually do, I still have not attained that happiness but this is the stepping stone towards it.

naw said...

I joined Sahaj Samadhi 3day course.. the course completed today.. the Experience is Mind Blowing.. to be frank it was Unbelievable and unexplainable.. every1 should join it and EXPERIENCE the change in You.. yes YOU :) :D

Jai Guru Dev :) :D

Ram Singh said...

Guruji always loves me:

Hello everyone, I am Amit,pursuing aeronautical engineering.My association with The Art Of Living began almost an year ago and believe me everything turned on its head.Earlier i used to be so susceptible to tension and was also easily affected by situation.I used to practice Yoga earlier also but i would always find something missing.Everywhere i went i felt an utter lack,in relations,studies,anything.
But after doing YES+ course i was metamorphosised and was instantly changed for the good.I started feeling presence,love and care of my loved Guruji everytime with me.I am so humbled and awed by your love Guruji.Thank you for giving me a purpose to live my life.


I felt craving from inside to share what I have experienced and so does this note follows. It has always been on my wish list to do an Advance course at ashram since my engineering days. Somehow after my coming back to india ,getting my surgery done in time followed by recovery,i was bit opportunistic to get enrolled for Mahashivratri Advance course. To be short and precise, I would love to frame it in my favourite words, Just as Lord Shiva was Passionate about Parvati, Just as Lord Ram Respected Sita, Just as Lord Krishna Loved his Radha, I could connect very amazingly to the Passion,Respect and Love through this course. Attending satsang "Musical Concert" everyday in front of vishalakshi mandap as the sunsets has been a bizzare experience. The heartthrob musical compositions,beats,tunes still have the same lovely adorable effect on my nerves. Mahashivratri eve has been the most special eve of my life.The kind of Bountiful Vibration during Sudarshan Kriya a layman cant explain ,but it needs to be experienced in the presence of GurujI(H.H.Sri.Sri.Ravishankarji). For me it has been a complete rejuvenating experience. I have been associated with Art of Living since my engineering days,but i failed to observe the kind of beautiful work volunteers "The pillars" have done to this organisation. The course has been just like a sinusoidal wave for me,A complete gamut of emotions love ,respect,gratitude,tears,pain and a complete learning Experience. In simple words I can say,Just as a metal e.g. iron gets rusted, so our inner self forms a rust without spirituality. Metal rust needs to be removed and an anticorrosive paint needs to be applied to keep it safe ,in the same way advance courses help our inner self to remain fresh and hence our nature to be innocence and wise.This process has taught me to be safe. I remember the Golden words what Guruji spoke, LIFE IS MUCH MORE THAN AMBITION, AND FAITH IS MUCH MORE THAN LIFE. Have Faith and cultivate yourself to have faith. Our Consciousness is defined as Shiva.And it is said TO WORSHIP SHIVA,BE A SHIVA. As always i feel much much happier by sharing it and so am I doing it today. Out of your busy Schedule and lovely life,Just give it a good chance to be a good learner and kindly do the course to feel the vibrations and knowledge what i am talking about. As wise saying goes,knowledge is the only jewel a man can possess. I feel Gratitude and fortunate enough to have experienced this process,and had the most lovely time of my life.
Jai Gurudev :):)

Sonali pathak said...

The End of the Search and beginning of an enlightened life

Anonymous said...

worth of doing all the courses, you will realize the value of each breath you take in.,

jai Gurudev

--Harshal D

Anonymous said...


art of living no words to express it is the program that gives the warmth, love ,faith, happiness , it tells you how to surrender to god, is just the innerself...i cant tell u how happiness is how anandmaya is the besta the best ...fantabulous .....Jaigurudev

Anonymous said...

Around 12 years back I'd gone to attend the course. But when they told me to go around introducing myself and saying I belong to you, I splat! Later on I came to know that the sudarshan Kriya taught here is very powerful and heard many good stories. SO I gave it another shot. The first two hours of the first day had a lot of infantile stuff - I personally think there can be better ways to get people to loosen up. But yes after 2 days I can say, it is effective. Although I didn't do some of the homework properly and got a little mixed up in the three-stage pranayam, but I fele this course is going to be life alerting.