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Jyoti Ahuja said...

Dear Swami Ji,
Jai Gurudeva
Thanks a lot for the blessings..Although my concern in still not solved, but i am feeling a lot better now..the problem too will be resolved as now i have become able to surrender it to Guruji..
Thanks again
Regards & Lots of Love



Mythili Sridhar said...

Jai Gurudev

I sought blessings for resolution of a personal problem in October 2010 and I
surrendered that problem to Guruji having total faith in Him. The problem got
resolved the day before Nadha Vaibhavam. I had the wonderful experience of
being in his presence during the Maha Kriya today shedding tears of gratitude
and joy. I feel that he is so near and dear to me that trying to thank him in
words will sound very hollow. It is just an amazing feeling that is hard to

Jai Gurudev

Priya said...

i sent mail regarding my brother selva having body itching problem for past one month..
i received the blessing msg today.. yesterday he was fully cured…
im so grateful for guruji…

Fire worked said...

Dearest Swamiji,

I cannot even begin to thank you… The blessings have just vaporised my tensions and dark clouds… I am much much much much more lighter and brighter now.. ANd am growing ever more confident…

I also discovered that our every misery and suffering exists or happens NOT FOR us, but FOR the thousands and millions who are in the same spot or worse, who need guidance and help. The Guru makes gives us that gift of tough times and sees us through it, so that we can share the gems of learning and wisdom that we found in the depths of our dark oceans…

And so I have actively started sharing insights, ideas & helping people (who are in same kind of problems as I was), on websites like “yahoo Answers”, “” etc.
And the responses make those dark hours all worth it!!!!

This seems to me to be the sole purpose of every suffering we experience, so that we can go through it, gain much from it and share these gains and make a thousands have a better time…

Jai Gurudev!!!!!

Seeking your blessings.

Saroj P. Bhojani said...

My dear, revered, beloved Swamiji & all the Blessings team,
Jai Guru Dev.

Thank you all greatly for sending us all in London your Divine Blessings for “London, UK’s 1st ever YOGA JAM” which took place on the 20 Jan 11″.

The event was was a thumping, roaring, enlighteningly blissful and an amazing success with so many new and aol / non-aol members coming together!

On behalf of London, UK – AOL family, I am very very grateful to you all for sending us your loving blessing. It meant everything to us where we find the pub culture which is all “JOY” based on alcohol.
Now with the Divine Grace, I am delighted to say, this is going to change!

We have already announced the “2nd Yoga Jam” after two months i.e. towards at the end of March 2011 in an entirely different locality.
So please keep us in your thoughts. And nearer the time I will again request you all to send us your Divine Blessings once again.

In Love & Gratitude,

Kshama said...

Thanks for the blessings. Today feeling very calm n quiet after sooo many days. Not even feeling to eat or read ne thing…

woww… just feeling to meditate n meditate n go deeper n deeper ……


Love Kshama

Preity Thomas said...

Thank you Swamiji! My son Sajal is feeling absolutely ok now! There was no difference in his condition even after taking medicine course for food poisoning & anti-bio-tics till yesterday. Today afternoon whn i spoke to him he was feeling absolutely ok.

Jai Guru Dev!

Amith said...

Soon after I sent my concern, it is being solved!! No words to
express… love is the biggest miracle!
Love u. .
Jai Gurudev:)

Ed said...

Wonderful to hear back from you. I feel better already.
Love, Ed

Sheela said...

Jai Gurudev Swamiji:

Thank you so very much for your detail reply. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart.
Warm regards.

Diwakar Deshpande said...

Dear Swamiji….i got my license without any problem today….thank you so much……keep your blessings showering

Thanks once again

Jai Gurudev
Diwakar Deshpande

Saroj said...

I am soooo grateful to Swamiji !!!

With all my love and gratitude to all the Blessings team!!!

Blessings to you All too!

Jai Guru Dev.


Indeed it was mirracle blessing of GURUJI & I am physically and mentally fit for day to day life.Thanks Gurudeo ! NIVRUTTI SHINDE

Rashmi Gaur said...

Jai Gurudev!

Dear Swamiji
Greetings of the day!
I really felt blessed,one of my problem got resolved.

Thank u so much

Rituparna bharda said...

Swami ji
Jai Guru Dev:)
Last week i ws low.. confused with all my career, relation.. and so many small issues.
With d Grace of Divine nd U…blessing showered upon me.. Nw m feeling much better.
My frnd has recoverd from illness.. i got clarity of mind.. Rest is Divines wish

vardhini kundale said...

jay gurudev,
luv u dear guruji alot.2day have dropped my worry here n get relaxed. i got output@ afternoon problem get solved.n m happy about that how guruji is taking care of me. i takled wid my bro.he also told same emoions r out now.i am filled with devine luv.guruji is with me taking care@ each n every moment. thanx i have got the place to share.
jai gurudev, n ya m doing sadhna daily.its my breath.

guruji little angel

Simon said...

Jai Guru Dev Swamiji,
My sinuses started getting better almost straight away after I received your blessings, and are more or less back to normal now. Many thanks for your thoughts and blessings!
Much love,

Zoran Kamen said...

I feel much better after blessing & really have more faith in Divine that everything is taken care Such a nice service

Jayashree said...

Jai Gurudev I Jayashree met with an accident on 2nd Nov 2010 got head injury with 22 stitches & 3 staples on the right side and left side head airline fracture and left neck also airline fracture. My stitches will be removed on wednesday 10th Nov. With Guru’s grace my CT scan report was normal with no internal damage and I am fine now. I thank all my frnds and relatives who have blessed me. And ofcourse I felt HIS presence all the time.

Sunity said...

I cannot begin to describe how helpful this website has been to me- Thank you sooso much for creating it. JGD!!!

p.s: the Blessings worked very well on me, i am very grateful for receiving it.

Mukesh Shah said...

I noticed the difference in my energy level soon after my request was emailed. Thank you so much. I will be taking advantage of this everyday.

Rahul Gulati said...

Dear Swamiji,
I cant thank enough, I have been fighting a pattern in my life where I fear losing my job or not performing whenever the amount of work or a project is about to end, I get into these fears if I dont have enough work. It is a pattern and today was one of those days again I saw that pattern arising and was gripped into confusion as the day progressed I was getting overwhelmed and saw the email about blessings , the blessings did work as later in the day I had a meeting and the meeting went very well giving me some confidence about my job. I came back to the desk and saw the email I was very happy.
Lots of Love

suhas kulkarni said...

There are so many things to ask in the wordly life. But Blessings are an important part from Guruji. Thanks

Hemavathy Ramani said...


Swamiji, thank you to receive your blesssings after which I am relieved of stress and tension. I would like to share my another experience with you. I had been to Chennai
to participate in Nadavaibhavam on 30th January 2011. followed by long kriya next day in the same venue. After kriya was over but before Rudra Pooja, he came amongst us between rows .None of us got up and able to get darshan and blessings of him. As he was approaching our side, I thought to myself that today also I will not be able to go near him, but to my surprise, he turned towards me and I just told him in tamil that ”I am today here with recovery from sickness because of you” and I heard hi m saying twice”very good , very good” and I was satisfied to hear this from him. Then hewent ahead a few steps and came back and told other person to give mike to share my experience.
I could say only due to his blessings, both the cancer operations were successful without any radiation or chemotheraphy. I could not get words to say further so much so I was filled with joy and ecstacy. I wanted to express my gratiude to him which was fulfilled.
I realised that Gurujis stands with me in all circumstances and with all of us.
I get so many experienceslike this and today I am because of his blessings.
I pray to him to give me strength to serve for him and also bless my family.
Once again thank you swamiji
Hemavathy Ramani

Priti said...

i am grateful for all the blessings and love that you showered on my younger sister and her son adi.Adi is fine now and is recovering.and i am sure he will be perfectly fine with your you guruji.may we always go on the right path.JaiGurudev.

Suneeta Kamarajugadda said...

I would thank you all ….you have blessed me to cross the bridge and life is so much better now.
thanks !!!
Jaigurudev !!!

Swati Midha said...

JGD.thanks a ton for ur blessings.I wrote to you on the 19th and in a few days my husband recieved an old payment stuck in market since june…and my son Vinayakk went to give his first board exam which was least expected of him.Thank You Swamiji….Kindly help me and bless Vinayakk to study and clear his class 12…and Praavin ji( my husband) the blessings to earn for his family…I am grateful and very happy…guruji loves me….JGD.

Jeenanshi said...

Jai Gurudev.

I wanna tell you such an amazing experience of blessing. Today One of my family friend come to my home for some work purpose. While Drinking water he suddenly started with breathlessness.. and severe watering of eyes.. nd he took out his pump to take as he has to take it everytime he get attack.. bt sudnely dnt knw wht came to my mind i put my one hand on his head and with second i hold his hand as in i dnt wanted him to take pump.. and i gave him blessings… in 2 minutes only his breathlessness gone nd he was so relaxed… and then he said that this is for the first time he didnt take pump to get his breath normal.. i was trying to convince him for course past last 3 years bt he somehw went on giving excuse for nt doing course… nw he is so so happy nd he is like as march ending gets over he’l b 1st participant for next course…

Experiencing enormous grace of guruji… No words to express his grace… Feeling grateful.

Take care,


monika gour said...

Thanks Swamiji, i had sought your blessings in the month of January 2011 also and my concern for my beloved grandma had been solved.Now again her condition is critical and only your blessings can put her back to her normal being.

shrikrishna said...

dear Guruji.
Jai Gurudeva.
when a time i see ur photo i get very cool& calm. guruji i would thank u all. i got right path now. i noticed the difference in my thinking. love u all. bless me every day & time.
thanks a lot. Jai Gurudeva.

Zoran said...

I am very grateful every time I receieve blessing I feel great relief and Divine Love is taken care. Even if problem is not solved I feel much better and trust that everything will be fine comes back.
Love & Light
Zoran Kamenicki
Jay Gurudev !

Sewpaul Ooshara said...

Jai Gurudev to our Dearest Guruji and the Blessings Team

Our heartfelt thanks to our beloved Guruji and the Blessings team for sending blessings to our dearest father who has miraculously made it through the major brain surgey he underwent on 2 December 2010. With Guruji’s blessings our father is now at home recuperating and getting very strong with each passing day.

My heart and soul is filled with Guruji’s overwhelming love, hopefully one day soon my family and i will visit the Bangalore ashram to offer our humble obeisances to our beloved Master.

Your humble servant

Ooshara Sewpaul

Poonam said...

Dear Swami ji, Jai Gurudev!
I am grateful, I am healed from mysterious disease after I received blessings. Doctors were unable to detect the root cause of my problem and I was even referred to a psycologist who tried to prove to me that I am under depression. It is amazing how my giddiness vanished and I am healed with blessings from our beloved Gurudev.
Thank you so much!
With gratitude and love, Poonam


Jai Guru Dev,

Lot of happiness is behind this sharing of my experience. I wrote for blessings from Guruji about my onsite travel and received it on the next day. My stamping was approved and got my passport today and will be travelling this week end. I am so much greatful to Guruji and pray that all the people around us are happy and get blessed by Guruji Jai Guru Dev Guruji. Love u lot.

Swapneel Vishnu Mantri said...

I had seeked blessings for people of Japan and Libya..this was on 17th March around 10-11 am India timing…see the Guruji’s miracle, within 24 hours cease-fire is declared in Libya…i hope same will be the case with Japanese people…may they get speedy relief from post-earthquake problems…Jai Gurudev…Jai Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji…peace

zankhana dave said...

Jai Gurudev… intensely happy to experience Guru-Kripa.. yesterday i wrote for blessings as today i had to see principal- Engg college nr Ahmedabad for job. We traveled by car, but lost the track, and reached much late than expected. When i entered in the cabin at 1.15 pm, without asking details, he said yes you can join as early as possible. I was amazed, extremely happy. Came home around 3 pm, opened mailbox, and i had received blessings mail at 1.18 pm..very moment when i was in his cabin..i immediately found the reason why we lost the track and reached late.. i cried not only because i got my job with kripa, but ohhhh HE loves me. He cares for me..My supreme master favors me…..Now onwards Worries are eliminated from my life.. because HE is there to take care… What a security…….Guru kya mile bhagwan mil gaye…:))))))

NIMAL said...

Jaygurudev I know your blessings with me all the time right now I am looking Good Job and I need your blessings so I can find good Job very soon . Thanks Guruji and whenever I need you, You are always there for me Lots of LOVE.

Girija Iyer said...

I met with an accident on 10th of January, 2011 while going for seva regarding dear Guruji's Mumbai visit. I had with me a bag full of Guruji's small calender photoes and other flyers. The impact was so bad that I was thrown on the road and with my small structure I could have fractured at least 3 to 4 bones in my body. But my dear Guruji is always with me and I escaped with minor injuries and without any internal injury. I am perfectly ok now with the Grace and blessings of my dear Guruji...Thank you so much dear Guruji and I am always grateful to you and thankful to you and will always remain so. Love you so much dear Guruji. Shashtanga Namaskarams and Jai Gurudev.

Anonymous said...

Dear Guruji, i had an admission test in a school, where i have qualified for the test. Thank you for blessing me Guruji. Guruji "I LOVE YOU".Jai Gurudev!

Anonymous said...

thank you~~~ all the worry now not a problem... i feel very relief now...

Anonymous said...

On-line blessings has really changed my life...this instrument of Gurudev is so fortunate to be called as `instrument' to bless people..i am feeling lighter, blissful and blessed..i have reached the other shore...believe you you all...Jai Gurudev

ritu said...

Today i was suffering from extreme stomach pain that. I am myself a blesser but since i cannot give blessings to myself, i called another blesser to give me blessings. She gave me blessings on phone and it was hardly 10 minutes since she had given blessings that my pain just went off. Thanks Guruji for being with us.


Askurn Yashda said...

Thank you just wanted to tell you this blessing section is such a great relief where we can tell what is bugging us and get swamiji's blessing, will definitely post my sharing.

thank you again


V.P. said...

with guruji's Grace,it is ammazing to witness the power of Sudarshan kriya and Blessings.Guruji has given me this wonderful Opportunity as a teacher and blesser to become his instrument in reaching out to many people and bringing them to the knowledge. I will like to express my Gratitude and surrender to Guruji and every one. VP GUPTA

leela revindranath said...

Jai Gurudev a teacher and a blesser .each blessig is a divine experience.When i bless some oee keeping my hands on my chest i feel so much love flowing through me some times alog with tears of joy or concern.I feel Gurus love flowing through me ,and that i wish to be silent for some time.

jai gurudev u be my breath when i sya blessings...

Rana Chamseddine said...

Dear Moderator,
I am so grateful I am a part of this online blessing process.
Words can not express how thankful I am.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this website, it truly feels great to receive Swamiji's blessings :)

Anita said...

Jai Gurudev
Very Grateful for this website and specially
to Swamiji for Blessings.


Aparna said...

Dear Swamiji,
Jgd! I feel so positive n grateful to become a part of this process. Everyday, inspite of pressures, we always feel guided to the right path believeing that we have been blessed with a moto in life for the needy n so we learn to gradually become tender but strong.

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev

Guruji today everyone in my family would like to express their gratitude for clearing
the confusion going on in our minds. Yesterday I had written to you about so many doubts which were troubling us and Gurudev I am soooooooooooo grateful to you for clearing them in few minutes and helping us in taking us a right decision for our child. She will always need your blessings in her new phase of life. Please keep guiding us always guruji. Love you guruji.

Jai gurudev

Bajaj said...

JaiGuruDev ji!
Thanks to this website, it truly give the opportunity to serve people with GURU'S grace & His blessings.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much,this is amazing ,you are angels

Tarun Jakhar said...

jai gurudev
thanks for ur blessings. I am feeling good. I am really thankful for the guru kripa.

julie madeley said...

I give blessings... every time a request for a blessing pops into my mail box it makes me smile and feel happy and its a great break from my other seva. I belong to you all!

julie madeley Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK

.LALTT said...

jai gurudev thanks for blessing,s iam feeling and i can now concentrate on my studies and my memorization power is also increased .i m really thankful to gurukripa.............>

zoran said...

Dear Blessers,
I sincerly feel that Divine Blessing is the best possible seva on this planet.
I am sending blessing and Love from the depts of heart to all those who bless altough I havent be lucky yet to done Bless course !
Jay Gurudev

monty said...

LUV U GURUJI:))))))))))))))))))))))


Anonymous said...

Dear Swamiji,

My grandfather is healed now. Started eating well immediately after 3 days the blessings request was sent.

In gratitude,
Manisha Agarwal


Dear Guruji - I love you so much

While writing this I am crying & crying
I have no words to express. Each and every thing cannot be expressed in words.
Experience is amazing, miracles & miracles,fantastic. I am so lucky that I got Guruji "sri sri ravi shankar' I expereince
all the courses of Guruji, except TTC.
13 years Acidity problem/troubel gone - with Guruji's single "Live Darshan" on 11-02-2008 at Bangalore on 4.00 p.m.

Aradhana Varshney said...

Jai Gurudev !!!
pain is completely gone in a day...:)
hope to start my yogic exercises in a day or two.
love u Guruji.

Anonymous said...

just want to thank Guruji for healing my old dog chotoo who was very unwell. Joy Guru Deb

Anonymous said...

Thank you Guruji for providing us with such a big energy. Thank you for connecting us with ourselves. Thank you for connecting us with this cosmic energy. Thank you for showing us the way...

Anonymous said...

jgd! i had this pattern of fearing the worst for the family members when they were travelling. I had asked for blessings. since last few days i realised that such thoughts are not occuring anymore. thank you swamiji and also all blessers.

Anonymous said...

Jai Guru Dev,
This is Ekta, Thanks for giving such wonderful blessings after than I am feeling very relax and taking deep cool breath. I want to meet Guru G personally also bless me for the same.

Kshama said...

My neck has sprained Y'day ..
Today I m back to normal to my daily routine work ..
Thx a lot for the blessing :-)

Love Kshama :-)

Sanjay G said...

Jai Guru Dev,

I am glad to inform you that Theruni Kavitma has completely recovered from Dengue fever and has been discharged from hospital yesterday morning.

Her Parents have expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude.

May Guru's grace flow through you to the all the needful on this planet.

Jai Guru Dev !

Anonymous said...

Dear Swamiji,

My heaert is filled with gratitude..I have experienced the your grace with my total being.

I was facing a very difficult face in my life.
I resigned from my job in Qatar due to job satisfaction.I tried my maximum for continuing that job but situations forced me to resign on this May begining.

But to my family I told a lie.I told them I got another job in Abudhabi and I am going to join on june-24.To my family all of their support is me.So i feared to tell the truth.

I spend hours and hours on internet to find a job ..I tried all the way..But no result come..If i didnt get any job i may ashamed infront of my spouse family and my inner my told me to do suicide.

One day i made a chat with AOL Volunteer and he advised me to take blessing..

I put all my concern and pray for blessing.One time I take blessing but everyday I did my sadhana and Meditation and after pray for that..

Some times really believe something good will happen.

On this 9th I got one interview call letter from Tecnimont a mumbai based company.

I attend the interview and they offer a job as a QA/QC Engineer with good sal .Yesterday the send me the offer letter and I am going to join by this 27.

Gurudev..You save my family life....

Madhu Bhatnagar said...

Dearest Ones,

Its with delight that we would like to announce that with your blessings, my mother-in-law- Mrs VK Bhatnagar has recovered 100% from her fracture. She had been gripped by the bone thinness and fracture related discomfort and inconvenience for the past full year. It had brought depression, lack of hope and despair. But Grace and Blessings have worked and she is now back on her feet. She went through 2 rounds of x-rays and the surgeon assured her that she was totally recovered! She couldnt even believe it!!

My mother- Sarla Bhatnagar has been brave and is managing well and even at the age of 83 is learning lessons of life! We have managed to bring her to Bangalore ashram for Guruji's darshan. Aur Kya Chahiye!

Jai Gurudev!

Poorti Singhal said...

Jai Gurudev!!!
Firstly my deep thanks to swamiji. . . for his adore blessings. . . Its not even 24hrs when i opted for blessing. N as i waked up today morning,i can see the change. At dat moment itself i understood det its all because of ur blessings. The thing which m not able to surrender n drop for last 2 months. today i dropped it completely. . . . M very happy todayyyy....
Jai Gurudeva!!!!!

kumar said...


i did yes+ last week and feel positive minded and happy from the innerself.

thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Just want to thank you for everything. Words will not be able to express what it means to me so I will not make an effort trying to explain. Anyway you know what I am saying...hahahahah...thank You all so much...Jai Guru Dev :D

rajkumar said...

jai gurudev
i got immediately relief :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blessings which are holding me in the most critical moments in my life.

Rajaghatta Praveen said...

Jai Gurudev,

I have been benefited from blessing many times so i would like to express it had worked for me. Thanks a lot for Guruji & all the blessors.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Swamiji, everything went okay with the trip. They all came back safe and sound.

Jyoti said...

Jai Gurudev

In my earlier mail.. i had mentioned that my Grandfather Mr Thakarshi Sangoi was suffering from throat cancer ..gradually he started reducing his intake from solid food to semi solid to liquid and then nothing.. he was fasting for the past 16 days.. As per your guidance whenever i sat next to him i used to chant Om Namah Shivaya..but was not able to do it very regularly.. there were many guests who used to visit us ..somewhere i got tied up with the work but whenever i got a chance i used to sit with him.

On 27th July .. he left the body at night.. with Gods grace i was the only one next to him and i was slowly chanting Om Namah Shivaya and then i was recollecting the precious time i have spent with him.. what i have learnt from him and how much i admire him..till then he was breathing long with his mouth and then for some time he was still .. i was not sure what happened and then again he took a another breath.. i was releived that he is breathing again.. then i was pressing his legs suddenly i felt some strong current but i was not sure what is happening ..and then again his breathing stopped ..i again was observing him and then later his jaw moved. i felt okay may be he is taking small breaths.. but after that there was no movement.. i then called the others present at home.

By my nature i am a person who gets afraid very quickly at that moment what shakti i possessed i dont know.. i still feel very fortunate i was there for him when he took his last few breaths.

Feel fortunate that the Blessing team is now a click away...

Jai Gurudev

Ekta said...

Beloved Guruji, Swamiji and precious blessing team,

Thank you so much. My husband got a job and I also got some part time work. Thank you so much for your precious blessings. Everything became fine and best for us.

Luv Ekta
Jai Guru Dev

raakhee said...

i went through a post traumatic stress disorder for 4 years, was suicidal for months together, had panic attacks, immense anxiety and i took no medicines. sudarshan kriya and meditation have not only completely healed me but also made me live in the moment and enjoy every breath i take. guruji has showed us the path to life in this spiritual world, like krishna showed in the beginning of kalyug .

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Guruji

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev. was waiting for my joining letter since 3 and half months, but at last got impatient, so asked for Blessings. After receiving Blessings, got letter within 24 hrs !! Felt as if it was a miracle :)..

Shiva Shankar said...

Jai guru dev,
I was feeling kind of entaglement that was almost making me miserable everyday. Though did lot of things to come out of it, wasn't able to do so. I sought to receive blessings and soon after it, mind became calm and its 3rd day after I received the blessings, I'm so happy that nothing is even reaching the realm of my happiness. Feeling absolutely free from the bondage that was suffocating me. May Guru's grace be flowing on the blessers always. Let their ability to heal people like me increase every moment. Jai guru deva

Prajakta Jadhav Bagwe said...

Jai gurudev ,

I come to the blessing section whenever i feel someone needs blessing and guruji and blessing team will solve their problems .....Many times I see that magic happens and their problems get solved quickly . I have seen reports of my cousin coming good in case of cancer ...there are so many experiences i would like to fact my life has changed for good since i started practicing art of living

Manish Aggarwal said...

Jai Guru Dev,

With a heart full of gratitude, I want to bow down on my feet and say "God tussi great Ho". My boy had some health issues and His blessings worked miracles. Doctors were not very hopeful. Now I just pray that this sense of gratitude remains in me for a long time. I want to feel His warmth of Love and grace for ever :)

Anonymous said...

I had been in tears all weekend and on Sunday night I posted my concern. I have been feeling so much better and things changed the day after and I am so much relaxed now. I am hoping for a beautiful end to what has been a struggle in love.
Thank you so much for the blessings. With much love.

Manissha said...

My Guru is a magician.With heartfelt gratitude I wish to convey thanks to Swamiji and all the blessers for making my life so fearless with faith that is stronger than anything. Blessings are a boon in my life. Warm regards

Rekha Malhotra said...

BLESSING is the flow of Affection and Wishes and it is felt as sweet sensations from Our heart through Our Hands kept on Someone's head Making a Bridge from Our Heart to Other Person and this Bridge Breaks all barriers of Position,status ,Age,Physical Looks ,Caste,Name Just A Flow of DIVINE 's Grace Felt By US and Conveyed to Others and this Conveying in return making Us Feel More n More Blessed BACK and that FEELING IS OUT OF WORLD !!!!

Love and Gratiude to Krishna and Guruji who Made me feel this Amazing experience and gave me such noble chance to become a Blesser and have Such wonderful experiences that can never be explained in words !! No reason , No Occasion but Just Felt Like Sending Blessings to All with lots of love always ♥ : Jai Guru Dev !!!!

Mrs. Madhu vinod sachanandani said...

Jai Gurudev -

Last time I have written my
financial problem for purchasing
the house. Your blessings
work - no doubt about that - 100% faith. I purchased the house
in a very comfortable way.
Very much grateful to you.

gandhi said...

Thank you guruji for solving all my problems. Please continue to be with me. Let me work for you also.

Shiva said...

Would thank all the Blessers for sending blessings to Annaji. Yesterday, his health was deteriorating but today as you must have seen over news, He was up and ROARING! Continue sending your blessings.. Jai Gurudev

Saroj P Bhojani said...

जय गुरु देव

Our dearest, beloved Swamiji together with all your team of angelic blessers and our most revered Guruji,
Jai Guru Dev.

I along with my UK - Malvern team send you our very special and hugely big “THANKS” for showering all your blessings on us for our UK’s summer residential courses which we recently had during between 10 – 14 August.

As the course dates drew closer our entire team was rather concerned since we were short of our target figure and wondered as to whether we would be able to achieve this target registrations or not. We were desperate and on behalf of us all I resorted to seeking blessings from you all - Swami ji and Guruji and all the blessers so that we would have more registrations and that we would break even instead of ending up with having to pay penalty.

I now very delightfully inform you that we not only had the event run so smoothly but we also had it very well attended; we had well surpassed our target registrations. All this happened because of all your loving blessings from all sources.

Thanks again and thanks to the Divine Grace!

Please continue bearing us in your thoughts.

In His Service, Divine love and gratitude.



Jai gurudev,

Thanks for having this blessing program my problems was solved many times but forgot to mention this.

It would have been delayed to get it solved but i am confidents by gurujis grace the problem will be solved.

trupti parab said...

Thank u so much for ur love & Blessing.Four days before dr. was saying to do C.T.Scan for my seven year old nephew yash. i send mail regarding Blessing for yash & after receiving blessing msg frm ur side , the next day when he went to clinic for C.T.Scan , dr. said there is no need to do C.t.scan, he is allright.

Love u so Much Guruji

Jai gurudev!

Anand Viswanath said...

The day when I asked blessing I had problems of stomach. But next day I had a sumptuous Onam meal. It is a miracle to get cured. Thank You Swamiji.

manisha said...

Jai Gurudev! Thank you so much for the blessings. It always helped me a lot .this time i had asked blessings for my sister and the very next day she was back to her job.Now i have become the connecting link ,everybody asks me to seek blessing for them! Amazing !Thanks Guruji !

chetana kulkarni said...

Jai Gurudev!
The blessing given by AOL blessers is completely divine. I have requrested blessings for many of my family members. Every time, I experience the difference

Deepthi said...

Jay Gurudev.
I don't know how to thank Swamiji. the problem has been resolved. Now l feel better. Thanks a lot. Now a days i daily meditate with Sudharshana kriya and pranayama. I feel i am in touch with Guruji always. Thanks a lot. i wish Guruji's blessings always be on me. Pranamam.

Anita said...

Dear Swamiji
Jai Gurudev

I'm very very grateful to U for wonderful
Feeling nice and very happy.

Charan Sparsh.

Nandita said...

Thank you Guru Ji. For showing me the way. Charan Sparsh.

Amrapali said...

I am pleased to write that one of my biggest concern is solved....My father recently got a call from his older company to be back in the he got the job ...Thanks a millions swamiji...thanks a mother and i were in such big tension when he was not at job and our family was in financial the burden is less...
Also thanks swamiji because i also have got a call for interview from a company so might be i get that job...bless me swamiji...and thanks a millions....GURUJI IS GREAT....PLEASE BLESS US..ALWAYS..BLESS OUR FAMILY.....
Thanks and regards,

Mugdha Taru said...

Dear Swamiji,
This is Mugdha, Thank you so much swamiji for blessing me. Although my concern is still not solve i m feeling better means my depration is almost gone.
Thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blessings. I did very well on the exam and everyhting went okay.

ABCD said...

Jai Gurudev! It's a good platform to serve people.Things happening by HIM,for us, in HIS service.
From Bahrain.

Dhanlakshmi Chander said...

Jai gurudev you have shown me a vision...Thanks for all your blesssings..

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev for showing me vision and helping me to choose the correct path of are great Guruji..and thanks for all your blessings....Jai Gurudev

jyothi P said...

Dear guruji,

Thank you guruji for the blessings,i did well in the interview and i got selectd in the interview thank you guruji,om namah sivaih is really powerful mantra ,thanks guruji.

AOL UP said...

many thanks for the blessings :-)

Anushri said...


Today I had my interview and amazingly I joined also today itself.

I also got advance it is the first case in this company.

Thanks a lot.


sitatk said...

Thanks a lot for the things were taken care of was amazing. Guruji has always been there for me.

s said...

Dear Swamiji,

Thank you so much for blessing my aunt. I had visited her the last week I saw a lot of change in her. she is more cheerful now and I do not see her depressed. It is all because of the blessings she has received. Thank you so much once again for making my dear aunt happy.

Akshay Poojary said...

thank you very much for the blessings, i wantd to do advance with rishi vidyadhrji but due to lot of commitments in office i thought it wont be posible , but after the blessings i receivd ,suprisingly all the meetings got postpond nd i could do advance course with him, thanku very much , jai gurudev

Abha Bhatnagar said...

Respected Swamiji

Jai gurudev,

I had requested for blessings before going for a surgery last week.
With Guruji's blessings Doctors managed to do the surgery with Laproscopy and a major abdominal surgery was averted. I am back to work today and feeling much better. I am grateful to you for the blessings received. Thanks once again Swamiji

In gratitude


Sarita said...

Jai Guru dev... I must thank you for the blessings bestowed on me ..

I was writing my concern and I could feel the blessing relaxing me even before I could send it ...From then and till now, it remains so and am sure will remain so .

Thank you once again.

Jai Guru dev!

Pooja said...

Thank you Swamiji,my pain has gone away! It was persisting for 2yrs,we had thought it would be cancerous....but now that it has disappeared,everyone is very happy! Thank you so much! Jai gurudev!!!! :D

rachna malhotra said...



恐龙仔...bread...萍姐....138...indian cow.. said...

Dear Swamiji,

Thank you for blessing me. I now have good relationship with my roommate that I used to have problems with her. But now we are happy with the presence of each other. Also, the house bed bug problem is not that bothering me already. The problem with a guy is also well solved. Thank you so much.

Jai Gurudev!

V G Venkatesh said...

today i recieved the blessings from Swamiji. Hope to resolve my personal issues very soon... I have strong faith in Guruji.. he knows what is the best for me... and he will guide me accrodingly.. Sure..JGD...

Isha said...

Jgd Swamiji,
I had asked for blessings for my aunt who was suspected of having cancer in her uterus. As told by Swamiji, I chanted the Guru-mantra everyday for her, till the date of her surgery.... and to the doctor's disbelief, they only found few fibroids, there was no sign of cancer anywhere!
Thank you sooooo much for blessing her. She is recovering well and will soon be resuming work.
Love and Regards.

pavani.jgd said...

Jai Guru Dev! thank you so much swamiji...i will do meditaion morning & evening...

Anonymous said...

Swamiji, thanks a lot for the blessings. I have faith that, with the love and blessings, the problem will be resolved. I surrender my problem to you. Thanks a lot
Jai Gurudev!

Unknown said...

Dear Swami Ji,
Jai Gurudeva
Thanks a lot for the blessings..As soon as I saw the email about the blessing I experienced Presence of Gurujee's vibrations and have started feeling much good.

Love & Regards
Shrinivas Deshmukh

Ashish said...

It was like that my whole body ...From Head to Toes......was Fully relaxed......Thank you Guru ji and Swam ji ..JAI GURUDEV...

Silki said...

Jai Guru Dev
Thanks for the blessing. Today I'm feeling a little better.

Anonymous said...

Amazing !!!!!!
Guruji fulfilled all my wishes.To name a few-My mom is recovering:).Inspite of all the obstacles I could repeat Blessing Course at Vasad and be in DIVINE presence !!!The way HE took care of everything!!!When Guruji is with us ,
joys and Bliss fill our lives.Thank you daer Blessers! JGD

ViNi said...

Am happy I can do seva Like this. Jgd
Lots of love and Blessings.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot to Guru Ji and all the blessers!!


Priya said...

I had asked to bless my father-the condition has improved! Guruji has brought him out of the chakravyu- I know and believe with Guruji the word IMPOSSIBLE does not exist.M v thankful to all blessers,Swamiji and Param PUJYA GURUJI.

Kirti said...

Where do I start? I am so very thankful to Guruji,I had a difficult pregnancy with family tensions and I was going mad thinking that it will affect my baby, but after the blessings I was so much at peace and the calm and confidence I felt was so divine.My baby is doing well and I have a very HAPPY BABY!

Big Tight Hug to Guruji,I am crying while typing this.

Much Love,

Susana said...

Jai Guru Dev

Since some time ago I started to be out of my center and felt well just only after my practices and specially after Krya, it was always a relief. Meditate became more and more difficult due my restless mind. Too much pressure at work, a crash with my boss greatly distressed me, and also I could'nt do seva as I wanted to do. Besides, missed my family too much, my 2 sons and their families. They live so far at the south and one of them was the father of her second daughter, but I could not get to know her because there is a problem of volcanic ashes, my flight departed and returned halfway. I told myself "the present moment is inevitable"And I could not repeat a part II and i felt more and more unfocused. Finally, at work had a clash with my boss and I got fear and confusion. To this was added a health problem, today resolved

It was then that I asked the blessing and the same day I watched Guruji at Astavakra Module´s32 speaking about undercovering bliss and contradictory thoughts (sankalpas and vikalpas). Now I understood that just was my mind and my ego which tortured me, I feel better now end and even is not easy for me I'm facing the conflict at work smiling in silence and gave it to the Divine.

Feel I'm blessed make a big difference, thanks Swamiji!!

Kshama Hadkar said...

Mrs Sudha kulkarni whom u all sent blessing is fine and surprising her urine test was v much normal .. Now in hospital but recovering v fast thanks and god bless u and my blessing to u!

Alpa said...

Thank you Guru Ji, Swami Ji and Blessers for everything.
Jai Guru Dev,

Nupur said...

Jai Gurudev! Thank u for blessing me. I feel so blessed, seems all my worries have been taken care of. I've now felt that we should always give all our worries to GURUDEV. THANK U ONCE AGAIN FOR BLESSING ME. Regards, Nupur

Vandana said...


I had seeked multiple days blessings for my persistent allergies and
each day I would seek them, I would feel better and slowly the effect
would wean off. However with continuous seek, the problem has been
resolved. Much thanks to Guruji and Swamiji.

Anonymous said...

I had seeked Instant Blessings via sms for my friend's (Shilpa's) dad. He had a heart attack and was in ICU. Thanks to your blessings, he is completely alright and has been discharged from hospital :))

Satish said...

I had pain&exhustedness in both legs for last 3 months. With blessings now no pain at all. Jaigurdev ki krupa

Shivani said...

Jai Gurudev!
I was in a tense situation in office and by the blessings of Gurudev, I just came out of that situation with flying colors so easily that could not believe that actually it has happened so easily.
Thank you Guruji for the blessings!
Jai Gurudev!

Janardan Ketty said...

It's an Honor to be Guruji's Blesser. I am glad you are relieved of your burden.

Lots of love and JGD!


Riddhi said...

Jai Guru Dev

I had my exams in Oct 2011 (very tough ones) and at the same time i was facing some personal crisis.

I seeked blessings from Guruji through this beautiful service.........i just got my results which are positive.

I am very grateful and blessed!!!

Love u Guruji

Nishant Bangera said...

Thank you so much for the blessings. The wedding happened in a beautiful manner, without any issues.

Everything was taken care of so effortlessly. Jai Gurudev :)

Syalu and Deepak said...

Dear Swamiji & Blessers,

On Dec 7 th, I requested for Blessings for my grand mother who was in bad health for more than a weeks. Things changed overnight miraculously. She was taken to hospital for another routine examination on Dec 8th. Even on the way to hospital she was vomiting. But I think around the same period, I got the response email to my blessing request from Swamiji. On further examination at hospital, doctors told there is nothing to worry and asked her to avoid some medication. In two days, she is happy, back to normal and eating regular food. Because of this, my Amma's trip to me for post pregnancy care would happen as scheduled.I just wanted to thanks and express my gratitude and great fullness to Gurudev, Swamiji and all Blessers.

Jai Gurudev!!

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev,
Thanks a lot for the blessings. I got placed. A very big thank you to Swamiji and Guruji for showering us with their blessings.

Annubha said...

Dear Swamiji,
Jai Gurudev, I seeked blessings for my placement and I got placed. A
very big thank you to you for showering me with your blessings.
Hopefully you will continue to do so in future. Again a very big thank

vikramrevisited said...

Dear Swamiji and everybody,
Thanks a lot for the blessings. I asked for the blessings on back to back days i.e yesterday and today for my campus placement since it was a 2 day process. I was very lucky throughout the entire tests, GD and interview and I got selected. Thankss:)

Snigdha said...

got super amazing marks...stood 2nd in the university....and got a job call to teach as a lecturer of economics in my university... JGD

Nimisha said...

Dear Guruji swamiji

Guruji did wisdom and miracle. No words to express my feelings,

Jay gurudev

Anonymous said...

JGD ! I got instant response to my prayers.I was facing a difficult situation. Lo and behold I am out of it.Unbelievable!!! How do I thank thee ???Thank you all of you.LOL

Anonymous said...

Recently I had got into a difficult situation .Within hours my problem resolved.Guruji you have filled our lives with miracles.
Thank you a lot all of U.

Anuj said...

jai gurudev....i sent msgs for blessing 3 times n evry time it worked for me n also for the concerned persons..n result were immegiate..thnx a lot to guruji n to all the blessers doin wonderful..first i was really worried tnsd n confused for the circumstances around me in my relationsship.and other things...but when i made prayers to guruji wid tears in my eyes n complete devotin in my heart n these worked for me..gurujis blessings n grace alwayz help me always take care of me wenever i m in trouble..

Ranjana said...

Dear Guruji, Swamiji and all blessers, i had asked for blessings for my arthritis effected knees. I was shifting from Bangalore to Pune. I had a super cool and hassle free shifting. Not only my knees were ok but all other related issues have been handled so well. I had a smooth shifting.... Cannt believe it was that wonderful and I am very happy.
My husband is also in good mood and I hope he lets me do more seva and also become teacher.
I love you all....thanks and Jai Gurudev

Anonymous said...

Swami ji...i cannot thank you enough. Its like I've been given my life back. I can breathe normally, my heartbeat has returned to normal, and joy seems to have come back. I am grateful to you for the blessings that got me my dream job.

Mansee said...

Jai Guru Dev,
malti from Bangalore got immediate relief after blessing
I am really overwhelmed by all these
Thanks once again

Ananya said...

Respected Swamji and blessing team,
My fever has now gone and i have little cough and am feeling much better.
Thank you very much for the blessing.
Best regards,

Hemant said...

Jai Gurudev,

I am so thankful for the blessings i got after messaging on 9243342000.

My mom had left home with a suicidal letter in hand. But, fortunately after messaging to this number, my mom returned back home soon safely.

Heartfelt thank you.

Beth foster said...

Thank you.
Whomever you are.
It will be very difficult to show evidence for the blessings that I requested. It was to remove the internal blocks that prevent me from being successful in finances, relationships and that as much as I can remember. Something in me has learned that In order to get attention (love) I must be needy, bad or sick.
I am asking that these inner programs be transformed, so that I have the freedom and the internal permission to be successful, and good, and healthy and independent.
I am not sure how quickly your message was received and assigned yesterday, but sometime during the morning, I felt a surge of energy go through me. My body involuntarily straightened and a powerful sense of peace and gratitude flooded my mind and heart.
I wondered if that was when the blessing was given. It was a beautiful feeling.
During the day, many thoughts shifted. I found myself doing spontaneous things to support myself, little seemingly unimportant things, yet really significant at a deep level. I cleaned my car, I kept myself on time all day, I allowed a friend closer into my life than ever before. Many opportunities came into my life in one email, to promote a book that needs to be published so there is hope of success. I took better care of myself all day.
This morning, there is a warm supportive, caring voice inside my head today, instead of the accusing, critical disapproving voice of yesterday.
These are subtle things, yet very powerful, and I am filled with a grateful heart.
Thank you very much for touching my life in such a powerful way. When my finances move from the poverty level to a more stable level, and when my book gets published, and when I allow a healthy relationship into my life, I will share it with you again.
Blessings to you and all of you who give this gift to the world.

GGG said...

After facing lot of humiliations and also delaying the dues which my husband was suppose to receive. Thanks a lot guruji /swamiji and dear blessers, he has received one lot of the payment and the MD has promised to set of all dues with 2 months salary and also some incentives for being sincere . Thanks a lot guruji .we are in your arms . you always take care of us. what a releif

Anjali Dhingra said...



Laura said...

Dear Blessings Organizers,

Thank you for today's email that has Blessing Requests Feedback as well as the Requests. It is very beautiful and humbling to read how people from all around the world are helped thru Guruji's Grace. It is a great honor to be part of this. Thank you for the inspiration and for the opportunity to Bless. Thank you for all the work you do organizing it around the world.

With much love and gratitude, Jai Guru Dev, Happy New Year,

S G V Mani said...

Among the feedbacks received today, one person has said, "Thank you for the inspiration and for the opportunity to Bless." I would like to add -- opportunity to bless AND get blessed in return. As a blesser I feel greatly blessed by Guruji.


Sarita. said...

Jai Guru Dev,

Humble pranaam's to Guru ji and Swami ji,

I would like to express my gratitude for this beautiful seva opportunity for Blessing ..

May I get many more such in this coming new year of 2012 and always.

Thank you and a very very happy new year!

Regards and love ,

surya ramesh said...

JGD, A big thank you, I sought blessings for an exam for which i was not confidently prepared. Looking at the paper brought a smile on my face and i was able to give my best!

Snigdha said...

i was selected for the post of a lecturer in economics in shri shikshayatan college :)
guruji as always took care of my concern.. a BIG THANK U to Him.. JGD

t s balasubramaniam said...

jai gurudev feeling gratitude for being instrument of the divine!

Anonymous said...

Feeling deeply grateful for being an instrument of the Divine! Everyday, I look forward to the Blessings requests in my inbox. It is the most satisfying act of my day. Jai Gurudev!

Siddharth said...

Yesterday evening I lost my wallet while I was out somewhere. I immediately asked for blessings and then surrendered :) today morning I get a call from someone saying that he has found my wallet :) it had my CC, DL, Gurudev's pic and few hundred rupees. This is so amazing :) Thanks :)

Manasee said...

Jai Guru Dev,
After blesssing I got instant relief &my son also concentrating in his studies.

Anonymous said...

Jai Gurudev! Thanks for the excellent Seva that the web team is doing by allowing us to seek blessings from anywhere in the world.
I had written for blessings for my 7 year old daughter who was having backache and we were really worried. I sent out a blessing request at 11pm US time and received the blessings mail the next day morning 5am US time. And soon after getting the mail, my daughter told that her backache is gone. I am really grateful to Guruji for the excellent family support (the Art of Living family) that He has given us. Jai Gurudev

Geeta said...

Dear Swamiji & all the blessers,
Thank u so much :), all my concerns got solved & iam so thankful to all for the timely blessings.
Love you all.

N.R.JAYANTHI said...

Ihad great relief from back pain.
Thank u GURUJI,My mom had relief after catract operation

Nilesh said...

Thank you guru ji very much for giving your blessings i love you soo
much guru ji .My friend operation was sucessfull today with your
blessings she is felling better now.Please always give your blessings
to us guru ji.

Thank you

Shaunak Vaidya said...

Dear Swamiji,

My exams went well... !! Amidst all this cold and problem of vertigo... still due to your blessing was able to manage to do fairly well in exams...
Thanks for your love...

|| Jai Gurudev ||

dhyan nishtha said...

My daughter got married on 14 Dec. in The art of living ashram Banglore.
Gurudev was there to bless the couple,
a long cherished dream of mine got fulfilled. What is more that one wants?
I am greatly thankful for the blessing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Guruji Swamiji and Blessers
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Had asked for blessing for my Moms X RAY to be good and after 4 months there is improvement!!!!
Guru kya mile sab kuch mil gaya hai
Mushkil kuch bhi ho saath hamesha Guruji ne diya hai:):)

Anonymous said...

Dear All
Thank you!
Though I didnt fare well in my exam I had such ecstatic feeling at that time.
Thank you!

Rashmi said...

Jai Gurudev!

Last night I was feeling low and I sent a SMS for instant blessing. It was around 10.45pm
After that, I felt strongly that I have to read one of the talks given by Guruji. I started reading at around 11pm. Although, I was very tired and I felt, even while reading the talk also, that I will doze off but I somehow read it and the last lines were "How can you be unhappy about anything? Life is so short." I was filled with gratitude and I felt so light. Thank you and blessing to everyone who blessed me and people who made it possible by starting this section.
Also, this website is a GREAT platform for all of us blessers to do seva and I am very grateful to Guruji for making me an instrument in sending blessings. I love you Guruji! And to everyone who is reading this, if you have not yet done blessing course, do it now...for its so great to be able to do this seva.

Ranjana said...

My husband underwent a surgery for both shoulders in Sancheti Hospital, Pune.
Guruji has again taken care and kept me tensionfree and protected.
Ever, ever thankful and grateful to dear Guruji, Swamiji and all blessers.
Love you all.

Vinit said...


I sent my request for blessing me.
I got blessing and my mind got relief.


Ankita said...

Jai Guru Dev
thank you to all the teachers , swamiji and devotees form blessing and praying for my uncle.
He is now much better.
Thank you once again..........

dishna said...

jai gurudev...
thanks swami ji and guru ji 4 every thing.. i recieved blessing 4rm swami ji nd today i got a v.good news ....and i m feeilg v.gud..thanks 4 every thing and i know 4 further guruji will also take care of all the things.. love u guruji..

Radhika said...

Jai Gurudev!

I got the blessings email and ever since,I am feeling much much better.I feel more confident,and I feel I can do it.I really needed to feel that way!Amazing are the ways of The Almighty.


Kanika makkar said...

thank you guruji..nd swami ji with your blessing and grace i am able to clear my 1st grp of ca final and now i will do advance course...that too with your grace...
love you and forgive me for my mistakes and the experience of sewa s wonderful...

Aurva said...

Dear Blessers,

I am very grateful for the blessings. I had an interview yesterday and it went very well. I hope to get the job. Thank you.

Jai Gurudev

Jasmine said...

Dear Swamiji


My wound on the face due to burns is healing fast and i have started
doing Om Namah Shivaya chanting everyday..:)

Chetana said...

Jai Gurudev Swamiji,

I have been sending regular requests for blessings for even a small
disturbance in my life.
I have expereinced that, if there is something bothering me or
something i am trying is not happening, all i have to do is open the
blessings link and send a request and JUST FORGET ABOUT IT.
before i realise anything, things have already been resolved.
Thank you very much Guruji. I am myself a blesser and i have
expereinced the same thing with all those whom i bless.
Guruji's blessings are really beyond words!

Thank you very very much Gurudev!
and Swamiji, thanks a lot for starting this link


Ankita Kathuria said...

Jai Gurudev :) I took blessings for my friend who is cancer patient. 70 percent of her cancer is cured now. For that a big thanks to blessing team and Guruji.

nainrajaram said...

Thanx a lot for kind blessing I have got success in geting solve o my personal problem again I am highly thankful for the blessing you have sent .

Sigy said...

Dear Guruji and the Blessing Section,

Thanks a lot for all your blessings. My in-laws and parents are feeling better now. Thanks a lot once again.
I am very grateful to you all.

Thanks and regards.

Anonymous said...

I was in ashram in December before my CFA level 1 examination and also seeked blessings online. Just got mail that I have cleared my CFA level 1. I want to thank Guruji and Swamiji for their blessings would not have been possible without them.
Jai Guru Dev

erjet said...

:-)) JGD, thanks, it works wander fully even in distance, everything is much better now.

annubha parmar said...

Jai Guru dev,
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I had seeked blessings
before CFA Level1 examination in December 2011 and had also gone to
ashram to seek blessings from Guruji as it was one tough decision for
me to leave my placements in college and go for the exam in
Bangalore.I cleared CFA Level 1, I am very grateful to both Guruji and
Swamiji for showering me with their blessings and hope they would
continue to do so in future.

sarita said...

Thank you Guruji ,Swamiiji and blessers,

I had seeked blessings for my father and he did not need to be hospitalized.

Thankyou very much and please shower yr blessings on both my parents.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. It works. JGD :)

mba2374 said...

Jai Gurudev,

I do feel much better i sent the request, Thank you for the blessings.I will do as advised.

dishna said...

jai guru dev................

thanks guru ji 4 every thing ..u know with ur and swami ji's blessing i was able to do wat i was waiting 4 long time. thanks v.much.

love u alot.....

Gordana said...

It is a blessing to both give and receive blessings. By giving them something of the utmost beauty and gratitude arises in me, and by receiving all my intentions get magnified and manifest.
Jai Guru Dev

Uma Gaur said...

Jai guru dev

I wanted to reply from very long time....i am fine now...going to complete my 5th session of chemotherapy....and soon going to get radiotherapy... these were the power of blessing that everything went smooth that too when i was having 4th stage breast cancer.Now,things have children are now out of tensions of me and now moving ahead with positive attitude... After so many problems.,since the time we get involved with art of living ....we are thinking more positively. Just being selfish i am asking for gurudev's hands like this on us and guide us not do any injustice to myself and any other person in future.

Jai gurudev

Hatraya said...

I wud like to thank all the blessers and Swamijis....I am very happy..
Around 20 days back i hav asked for a blessing to keep to a diet..Strenth and calmness hav come immediately. and now i hav lost ab 6-7 kg. Feeling very good. And with enthusiasm i am continuing my diet.
I am so grateful. 2-3 kg more and i am in perfect shape!!!
thank u , my dear ones.
Looooveee uuu alll!!!

Ashutosh said...

JGD, Thanks for all your blessings.
It always work at right time, at right place and in right amount :)
Just fantastic .....

Vikram said...

Thank you Guruji,

My request to come and attend Shiv Ratri with you finally manifests.Its been since I saw last Shiv Ratri webcast. I booked my tickets long before applying for leaves for this time.With Guruji's blessings through all the blessers and Swamiji tight schedules on the 20 and 21st is taken care of. I got my leaves today and am coming to meet you .

Yipeeeeee!!! Cant just wait to see you..:)


Minakshi said...

Dear Guru Ji and Swami Ji,

Jai Guru Dev,

Thanks a lot for your love and blessings !!! I was seeking blessing from you almost every day for one week and then weekly for past 15-20 days.

I got the job and that too at the salary that I was expecting and near to my house.
I think I could not have got anything better than this.

This was all made possible because of you, your love, and your blessings.

Thanks a lot !!!


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